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2nd Mini Album [SHINING UP]

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- TEMPEST's 2nd mini album [SHINING UP], which contains the bright journey of energetic summer boys
- Tempest is back with the cool + mature 'Summer Cool Tone' album! Global fan heart warm-up completed
- The energy of youth that shines like the hot sun
- Tempest's power + cool summer song

In March, Tempest, which announced a successful leap through the debut album [It's ME, It's WE], which announced that seven 'ME' gathered to become one 'WE', released their second mini-album [SHINING UP] in about 5 months. back to the fans. Tempest, with a strong aspiration to become a strong storm that sweeps the music industry, recorded the Initial Chodong sales of over 75,000 copies through the promotion of their debut song 'Bad News', and was nominated for the No. -You showed your potential as a POP rookie.

Tempest's second mini-album [SHINING UP], a song about love and hope that bloomed in summer, contains the energy and emotions of youth that shine endlessly under the theme of 'light' that does not change over time. This album contains a total of 4 songs, and following the debut album, member Hwarang participated in writing lyrics for the title song and included songs, attracting attention. Unlike the debut album, which showed raw enthusiasm and charisma, this album is expected to reveal Tempest's unique color and concept by simultaneously revealing Tempest's 'boyish beauty' and 'mature beauty'.

Tempest, which acquired various modifiers such as '4th generation hot item', 'Performance idol', and 'B-side restaurant' within 6 months of its debut, will draw the attention of global K-POP fans with its refreshing visual, sensual sound and powerful performance. Through the second mini-album [SHINING UP], he plans to prove that he is a 'Trust and Listen TEMPEST'.

**Album Specifications and Components**

(*Different by version of all components)

- PHOTO BOOK (96page)

- 1 CD


- POSTCARD (1 random out of 7)

- STICKER (1 random out of 7)


- PHOTOCARD (2 random out of 21)

- FOLDED POSTER (1 random out of 2)
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