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[This Christmas - Winter is Coming]

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Taeyeon's winter album ‘This Christmas – Winter is Coming’ is released on December 13th!On December 13th, unrivaled vocalist Taeyeon (under SM Entertainment) releases the winter album “This Christmas – Winter is Coming”.This album is Taeyeon's first winter album as a solo singer. It consists of eight tracks full of winter atmosphere, including the title song “This Christmas,” and is expected to attract listeners with music such as Christmas present this winter.


In particular, Taeyeon continues a hit streak for each song she releases, such as'I','Rain','Why', '11:11','Fine','Make Me Love You', etc. with her expressive power and excellent singing ability regardless of genre. It is recognized as a'trustworthy vocalist', and the first regular album'My Voice' released in February is also No. 1 on the domestic music charts, Allkills, the highest sales volume among solo female singer albums released this year, and 12 albums worldwide on iTunes. This album is expected to receive a lot of love as it has proven its strong influence by gaining explosive reactions such as No. 1 in the region.

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