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2nd regular album repackage [MOVE-ing]

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The strongest performer Taemin, the 2nd regular repackage album ‘MOVE-ing’ will be released on December 11th!
Come back with a new song 'Day and Night'!
Expectations to participate in writing lyrics and composing are UP!

The strongest performer SHINee Taemin (SM) returns with a new song 'Day and Night'.

Taemin's 2nd full album repackage 'MOVE-ing' will be released on December 11th, and consists of a total of 13 songs with 4 additional songs added to the 9 songs on the existing 2nd album, attracting global fans with richer music. expected to do

In particular, the title song 'Day and Night' is a medium-tempo pop song with an attractive classical guitar and cello melody. Participate and expect more.

In addition, Taemin received a lot of love both at home and abroad, including No. 1 on the domestic album charts and No. 1 on the iTunes Comprehensive Album Chart in 12 regions around the world with his 2nd full album 'MOVE', released in October, as well as a title that stands out for his understated charisma and sophisticated performance. As the song 'MOVE' caused a so-called 'move disease' craze and proved to be a unique performer, this repackage album is also expected to receive a good response.
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