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T-ara came back after 4 years to keep her promise to make a comeback before the first snow.

T-ara's 'Re:T-', which may be the last album of T-ara, which is loved by many fans for its 'T-ara' genre music such as 'Roly-Poly', 'DAY BY DAY', 'Bo Peep Bo Peep', etc. ARA'. The name of the album, with the meaning of 'T-ara Again', contains the members' will to become proud singers of their own to the fans who have been with them for a long time of 13 years silently.

'ALL KILL', a western-style hip-hop pop dance song by Young-Soo Cho X Young-Min Ahn, a hit song maker who has been with them since their debut song 'Lies (Part.1)', and Colde's strong bass, which has been loved by many artists The album, completed with the double title of 'TIKI TAKA' with an impressive addictive melody, contains the T-ara that the public has been waiting for and wanted.

-Photobook 60P
-Photocard (1 out of 8 random)
-Photo ticket (1 out of 4 random)
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