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Super Junior

The Renaissance (The Renaissance Style)

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Super Junior, the long-awaited 10th album'The Renaissance' officially released on March 16th at 6pm!

Super Junior's 10th full-length album, β€œThe Renaissance,” will be officially released on March 16th.

Super Junior will release the sound source of the new album'The Renaissance' through various music sites on March 16 at 6 pm, and also open a music video for the title song on YouTube SMTOWN channel, Naver TV SMTOWN channel, and official SNS. It seems that it will get a hot response from global fans.

This album is composed of a total of 13 types, including unit versions such as'Passionate' (passion),'Versatile' (versatility), and'Beautiful' (beauty), which attracted attention with a different combination from the group version of Super Junior, and individual versions for each member. To increase diversity. It is characterized by expressing each Super Junior member in the album as if it were a work, and it is expected to satisfy the expectations of fans who have waited for a long time to pick the 10th full-length album because each version is different from each other.

In addition, 10 tracks including'Raining Spell for Love (Remake ver.)','Burn The Floor', and'Tell Me Baby' released in the pre-promotional video are included in the regular 10th album. So you can enjoy the deeper world of music of Super Junior.

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