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Super Junior D&E

Special Album [Bad War]

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Super Junior-D&E releases mini 4th special album on September 28th! Two additional tracks are included!Special album, an extension of the 4th mini album'BAD BLOOD' concept! Pre-order starts today!

Super Junior-D&E releases their 4th mini album special.

On the 3rd, Super Junior-D&E, who has released their 4th mini album ‘BAD BLOOD,’ and is loved around the world, is releasing a new special album on their 4th mini album at 6pm on September 28th. In this album, two tracks were added to the 5 tracks in the 4th mini album, and a total of 7 tracks are expected to get a good response.

Accordingly, Super Junior-D&E attracted attention by releasing a concept image that feels the atmosphere of the mini 4th special album on Super Junior's official SNS at 10 am on the 14th. The uploaded concept photo shows two hands appearing on a black background and smoke rising in the middle. It is an extension of the intense atmosphere of the last mini album'BAD BLOOD', which stimulates the curiosity of music fans.

Super Junior-D&E's 4th mini special album, which focused attention from the dark concept image, can be pre-purchased through various online and offline record stores starting from 12:00 noon on the 14th.

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