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SUNYE - 1st Solo Album [Genuine]

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"Finding my true [Genuine] self"

It seems like an easy task, but it seems to be a very difficult task.

In many situations, sometimes in various aspects of myself that even I did not know

If there is anything you have learned from the times of asking yourself questions and wandering and sitting down,

It seems to me that it was the first thing to admit that I am as I am.

Unexpected times come like a gift

While preparing for my first solo album

The existence of β€œI” is not perfect and can never be perfect.

I tried to bring out the stories that I could tell in the present moment as truthfully as possible.

Just like how I was comforted and strengthened by listening to someone's music when I was young.

I would be really happy if I could be a little help to someone who listens to this album.

[Album Components]

Photobook (220X300mm, 52p without cover, 1 type)

1 CD-R

Folding poster (290X420mm, 1 type)
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