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3rd Mini Album [1/6]

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Sunmi Mini Album / 1/6

On the moon where gravity is one-sixth,

will the weight of anxiety also be one-sixth?

Sunmi's more free and light mini-album '1/6'

Sunmi, who is showing off her unique color as a female solo singer with the identity of 'Sunmi Pop', is releasing her third mini album '1/6 (1/6)'.

β€œOn the moon where gravity is 1/6, is worry 1/6 of the weight?” This album, which started in earnest with the song '1/6', which started from the curiosity of

The weight of her life, the sadness, happiness, anger, and confusion she has to have through life's gravity, etc., are variously speaking through her six songs.

From the second mini-album 'WARNING' released 3 years ago to 'Noir', 'Lalari', 'Purple Night' and 'Tail', Sunmi, who has shown stories about painful love and self, honestly faced and acknowledged her inner self, was ' Through 1/6', it became more free and lighter.

The title song 'You can't sit with us' is a song that captures that kind of Sunmi well. He sings about his anger towards his lover, but the music is upbeat. The addictive chorus and stern beat faster than her previous songs are suitable for enjoying the hot summer than ever before. It is also a song where you can check out Sunmi's vocals, who have grown even more with him.

Starting with the title song 'You can't sit with us', 'SUNNY' where you can feel infinitely bright energy, '1/6' where you can check Sunmi's unique perspective and emotion, and 'Call' with Sunmi's cool and cool vocals. ', 'Narcissism', a sensual way to unravel the confusion of who you are, and 'Borderline', a song about Sunmi's autobiographical story.

Each of the 6 songs in the mini-album '1/6' sing different stories and different emotions, and you can feel the various charms of the previously known Sunmi and the newly discovered Sunmi.

Sunmi's '1/6', which gives deep sympathy with lyrics that are light and enjoyable, but never light, shows why Sunmi was able to establish herself as an artist who continues to grow in the fierce pop music world.

*Album Specifications

- PHOTOBOOK: W185xH255(mm)

- SLEEVE: W185xH255(mm)

- CERTIFICATE: W185xH255(mm) / Insert 1 type

- DECO STICKER: W100xH150(mm) / Insert 1 type

- PHOTOCARD: W55xH85(mm) / Random insertion of 1 type out of 2 types

- DISK: 1ea
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