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Stray Kids

THE 1ST ALBUM [IN生 (IN LIFE)] (Normal)

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Stray Kids 1st regular repackage album'IN生' and title song'Back Door' released on September 14th!

-"GO LIVE IN LIFE" first regular album'GO生' followed by repackage album'IN生' released! A clear upward trend continues!-Title song'Back Door', invitation to a space where people are not allowed to enter! Unprecedented message like'Maramat Genre pioneer'-Total 17 songs, including tracks that fans around the world have been waiting for, including the first solo concert unit song! Participation in the work of eight member songs

Stray Kids will release their 1st regular repackage album'IN生' (Life) on September 14th.


Stray Kids proved its unrivaled presence by showing off the essence of the'mara taste genre' that you can't forget once you taste it through the previous work and first regular album,'GO生'. It continues a clear rise through the repackaged album with a deep taste.


The title song'Back Door' is like an invitation to join'Back Door' if you want to continue to enjoy the excitement of the previous work'God Menu' (New Menu). It shoots the tastes of global K-pop fans with excitement, as if entering a space where people are not allowed to enter. Various instruments such as acoustics and synths are used to create the atmosphere of the festival, and a unique musical device is put in the middle of the song to make it more colorful.

The group's unique street atmosphere and performance with humor are also worth paying attention to.


The powerful dance movement of the phrase "No entry to anyone else" catches the eye at once with the choreography of the tug-of-war that goes well with the verse 1 lyrics "Ego Violence" and the refrain. In addition, it is composed so that global fans can easily and enjoyably follow the choreography that reminds me of the play of Ganggangsullae. The modern reinterpretation of traditional hanbok doubled the fun of seeing, boasting alluring oriental beauty.


The music video also raises the tension of the viewers, including the appearances of Bang Chan, Reno, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and IN who dance happily with many people. In addition, special shooting equipment such as robot arm and MCC (Motion Control Camera) was used to freely move space and space to create differentiated scenes.


Shinbo starts with'Rabbit and Tortoise', the full version of the regular 1st album intro song'GO生', and the title songs'Back Door','B Me' (B Me),'Any','Crazy. (Ex)' was placed on tracks 1 through 5. In addition, the unit song of Stray Kids' first solo concert'Stray Kids World Tour'District 9: Unlock' (Stray Kids World Tour'District Nine: Unlock', hereinafter'District 9: Unlock') was added. It contains the songs from the first regular album'GO生' that captivated the hearts of K-pop fans around the world.


Particularly, the unit song recorded on the stage of'District 9: Unlock' conveys a great welcome to the fans. From'We Go (Bang Chan, Changbin, Han)', which made the atmosphere arouse with brilliant rap at the concert,'Wow (Lino, Hyunjin, Felix)', a song full of excitement that reminds us of first love, and calm piano melody and lyrical vocals. You can meet'My Universe (Seungmin, IN Feat. Changbin)' as a sound source.


The eight members of Stray Kids participated in writing, composing, and arranging each album, mainly by 3RACHA, the team's producing group consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han. In this repackaged album, she participated in the lyrics and composition of the included songs, revealing its musical growth, and improved its completeness by working with a team of writers with a brilliant background who worked with famous domestic and foreign artists.

Track 3'B Me' was composed and arranged by earattack, a representative K-pop producer with global groups such as GOT7 (GOT7) and BTS. Tele, who produced'Truth Hurts' by Lizzo, the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, added a hand to the composition and arrangement of track 4'Any'.


Stray Kids achieved its own highest grade with 127,930 copies of the first album based on the Hanteo chart as the first regular album (record sales for a week from the date of release), and ranked 6th on the US Billboard'World Album' chart. On August 27th, the music video for the music video'God Menu', the title track of the first regular album'GO生', exceeded 100 million views on YouTube, proving its popularity that never cools down. It is expected that this repackaged album, completed with all his might, will once again steal the hearts of listeners around the world.


IN生 general class

1. Composition:

-2 package boxes

-2 photobooks (same as limited edition and some pages)

-CD-R 2 types

-Random 2 out of 33 photo cards (same as limited edition)     


1) Random 1 out of 24 individual types   

2) Random 1 out of 9 units

-One random out of two post cards (same as limited edition)

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