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Stray Kids

1ST ALBUM [Go live (GO生)] (NORMAL)

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Stray Kids' first full album'GO生' and title song'God Menu' released on June 17th!

“Meet the real Stray Kids”


-Title song'God Menu','Mara Flavor Music' with strong addiction + Experimental performance

-Participate in writing and composing all songs this time! Stray Kids' music and growth are all included!

-Stray Kids with 100% purity! Direct composition from music to album concept and keywords


Stray Kids will release their first full-length album 'GO生' on June 17th.

Stray Kids, who have built their own 'maramat music' world by participating in writing, composing, and arranging each album, will compete with more unique and experimental works.

The team's producing group, 3RACHA, has released the title track 'God Menu', 'Easy', 'Pacemaker', 'Plane', Daily life', 'Phobia', 'Blueprint', 'Ta', 'Haven', 'TOP ("Tower of God" OST)' (Top), 'SLUMP ("Tower of God" OST)' From (Slump), 'Gone Days' to 'Even a Fool Knows', I wrote all the songs myself.

The title song 'God's Menu' is characterized by strong addictive properties that you will never forget once you hear it. The title contains both the existing meaning of a new menu and the meaning of God's gift. The eight members refer to the new song as a single dish, and contain the ambition to capture the tastes and tastes of all listeners with this menu.

Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, who wrote and composed the lyrics for this song, said, "This is a song that adds various instruments to the strong hip-hop sound. The performance is also an experimental feeling that I've never seen anywhere else."

Stray Kids took the lead in all directions, including keywords, concepts, and music for the entire album, and put all their heart and soul into realizing 100% of the group's original charm.

The raw feeling of living and breathing is visually expressed using raw, rough eyes and colorful graffiti effects.

In particular, the members directly suggested collaborations with musicians they have been watching with interest in order to embody the team's colors well. The writers of the first full album composed in this way drew a lot of attention at the same time as it was released.



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GO生 Normal version

1. Composition:

-3 photobooks (same as limited edition and some pages)

-3 types of package boxes

-3 types of CD-R-One random out of two unit Lyric leaflets (same as the limited edition)

-2 random photo cards out of 40 (same as limited edition)

-Random 1 out of 4 4 cut films (same as limited edition)

-Secret card 1 SET 1 type (same as limited edition)


2. SIZE : 164 x 224 x 35 mm


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