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Stray Kids - THE 1ST ALBUM [Go live (GO生)] (NORMAL)

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Stray Kids' first full album'GO生' and title song'God Menu' released on June 17th!

“Meet the real Stray Kids”

-Title song'God Menu','Mara Flavor Music' with strong addiction + Experimental performance-Participate in writing and composing all songs this time! Stray Kids' music and growth are all included!-Stray Kids with 100% purity! Direct composition from music to album concept and keywords


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GO生 general class

1. Composition:

-3 photobooks (same as limited edition and some pages)

-3 types of package boxes

-3 types of CD-R-One random out of two unit Lyric leaflets (same as the limited edition)

-2 random photo cards out of 40 (same as limited edition)

-Random 1 out of 4 4 cut films (same as limited edition)

-Secret card 1 SET 1 type (same as limited edition)


2. SIZE : 164 x 224 x 35 mm


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Stray Kids - THE 1ST ALBUM [Go live (GO生)] (NORMAL)
$17.80 USD
$17.80 USD

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