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Stray Kids


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'K-pop 4th generation leader' Stray Kids releases a new mini album 'ODDINARY' and the title song 'MANIAC' on March 18th!

- Stray Kids, 'JYP's first million-selling artist', solidify the trend with the well-made mini album 'ODDINARY'! A notice of fascination with fans around the world!

- Title song 'MANIAC', abbreviated group identity! Stray Kids' unique 'maniac' personality, who will lead K-pop mainstream, "a group full of abnormalities"

- A self-produced group that has achieved rapid growth through self-made music! This time, he participated in the work of all the songs of 'ODDINARY' including the title song!

Stray Kids, the leader of the 4th generation of K-pop, released a new mini album 'ODDINARY' and the title song 'MANIAC' on March 18, 2022.

Starting with the final victory of Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' in 2021, Stray Kids' first full-length album title song 'God Menu' and the repackage album 'IN生' title song 'Back Door' ), the 2nd regular album title song 'Singer', etc., with music that deeply melted the group's personality, quickly took the place of the K-pop trending group. In particular, he left the title of 'JYP's first million-selling artist' with his 2nd full-length album 'NOEASY', and the well-made mini album 'ODDINARY', which was released after a long time since 'Clé: LEVANTER' released in December 2019. to solidify the trend with

The new album 'ODDINARY' can properly feel the essence of Stray Kids with unique characteristics. The album name was completed by combining the two English words 'Odd' and 'Ordinary', which have the meanings of 'strange' and 'ordinary', respectively. In other words, the strange is the ordinary.” With their fresh and unique charm, they are expected to lead the K-pop mainstream with their unusual new album 'ODDINARY'. In particular, the title song 'God Menu', the repackage album 'IN生', the 2nd regular album 'NOEASY', the holiday special single 'Christmas EveL', etc. Stray Kids' unique naming method, which was created with an ambiguous title and boasted wit, stands out once again.

The title song 'MANIAC' is a song that adds newness to Stray Kids' unique charm, sweeping K-pop fans around the world once again. The unique and addictive chorus on the bold sound contains the group's unique energy, and the moderation and mature mood in the flow of the colorfully composed songs are added to give freshness. It delivers the message, “Don’t be trapped in the frame set by the world, and reveal your true self” with lyrics that pierce the heart of the song, such as “Like a stuffed puppet stitch, eventually revealing your true color and not being comfortable.”

The music video for the new song visually expresses the unique sound and doubles the fun of seeing and hearing. When the mood of the song is reversed, the music video scene is also changed accordingly, creating a differentiated atmosphere and increasing immersion. In addition, they expressed unrealistically or wittily the world they saw from the eyes of the members, and Stray Kids gives a dramatic feeling to those who play characters with each narrative.

Stray Kids, who participated in album production with Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han of the group's producing team 3RACHA, achieved rapid growth with their own music. Last year, they not only achieved significant achievements on various global platforms such as Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube, but also made an outstanding performance by winning four awards, including the first grand prize in three years since their debut, at an awards ceremony to close the year.

Title songs 'MANIAC' and 'Spider', 'Charmer', 'Ding', 'Lonely St.' , Hyunjin, Han, Felix)' (Muddy Water), and all the members' names were listed on the credits in the new album, showing off their deep musicality. Here, as well as writer VERSACHOI who worked with 'God Menu', prominent artists such as DallasK, Trippy, JUN2, Nickko Young, and Millionboy The writer team worked together to improve the perfection.

With the mini album 'ODDINARY' and the title song 'MANIAC', which contain more music, concepts, and music videos than usual, Stray Kids is at the center of K-Pop and has a solid rise in popularity.

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