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Stray Kids


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Stray Kids will release their new mini album 'ODDINARY' on March 18th! The unusual are coming!          [Release at 2022/03/18]

- "The splendid return of the leader of the 4th generation of K-pop" Stray Kids releases mini-album 'ODDINARY' that will lead the uptrend!

- New news announced at the official fan meeting! On the other hand, a hot reaction to the trailer video like a thriller movie!

- 'Unique concept restaurant', more than normal music + concept + performance notice! Explosive expectations of domestic and foreign fans!

“Do you want to be ODDINARY?”

Stray Kids will release their new mini album 'ODDINARY' on March 18th.

Stray Kids held their second official fan meeting 'Stray Kids 2ND #LoveSTAY 'SKZ'S CHOCOLATE FACTORY'' at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul for two days on February 12th and 13th. held a special time with the fans. In particular, at the concert on the 13th, which was simultaneously broadcast live online for a fee on the Beyond LIVE ( platform, along with the trailer video, the news of the release of the new album was received and a hot response from fans around the world was gathered.

The trailer video caught the eye with its dramatic composition like a thriller movie and splendid visual beauty, raising expectations for the new album. Felix, who found a mysterious place while walking through the city, wandered inside, and continued to look around with a frightened expression, conveying tension. Bang Chan, Reno, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Seungmin, and I.N appeared in unusual appearances, raising curiosity about what kind of narrative they each contain. In particular, the sound effects such as lighters, cameras, and footsteps created an eerie atmosphere and doubled the sense of immersion, and the scene where the neon sign word changed from 'ORDINARY' to 'ODDINARY' gave the viewers a thrill.

Stray Kids showed the concept of novel materials such as chefs and racers in the contents of the first regular album title song 'God Menu' , , and Jeollip, which reinterpreted traditional attire, and unconventional makeup, earned a reputation as a 'concept restaurant'. It has established itself as a K-pop trend by captivating fans around the world with its addictive sound that you can't forget once you hear it and an explosive performance that seems to swallow the stage. As proof of its hot popularity, it achieved significant achievements on various global platforms such as Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube last year, and achieved the feat of winning the first terrestrial No. He won the title of 'the first million-selling artist'.

Through the activities of the well-made mini album 'ODDINARY', which has more music, concept, and performance than usual, they are expected to once again imprint the firm presence of 'K-Pop 4th generation leader' and run a rising trend in popularity.

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FRANKENSTEIN ver. (Limited Edition)

1. Composition:

- 1 package box

- 1 photo book

- 1 CD-R

- 1 type of lyric paper (same as general class)

- 2 random out of 24 photocards (same as normal class)

- Random 1 out of 8 ID photo cards (same as normal class)

- Random 1 out of 8 mini posters (same as regular class)

- 1 sticker (same as regular class)

- Limited edition privilege

1) 1 character art book

2) One pop-up invitation card

- Pre-order bonus

1) 4 random out of 24 types of trade unit photocards, and envelope designation for each version (same as general class)

2) 1 type of folding poster

2.SIZE: 164 x 224 x 35 mm

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