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Stray Kids


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Stray Kids releases new album'I am WHO' on August 6th! 'Comeback in 5 months'Rookie group Stray Kids releases a new album'I am WHO' on August 6 and makes a comeback after 5 months.

On March 26, 2018, Stray Kids, who released their debut album'I am NOT' and the title song'District 9'and made their official debut in the music industry, announced a comeback after 5 months. 

The new album'I am WHO', an extension of the debut album'I am NOT', is expected to become an alum once again confirming Stray Kids' unlimited musical potential and growth potential.

The title song was selected through fierce competition, and the included songs and various contents were also fully prepared. Stray Kids is a boy group selected through'Stray Kids', a reality program introduced by JYP and Mnet in October 2017.Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin ), HAN, Felix, Seungmin, and IN.

They showed remarkable musical abilities before their debut, attracting attention as'the most anticipated of the music industry', and in particular, they were selected as the No. 1 among'Top 5 Notable K-Pop Artists in 2018' by Billboard, making them look forward to global growth. With this comeback album ``I Am Who,'' it is paying attention to whether we can solidify our position as the best rookie in 2018 and lead a new generation in the music industry.



■ Album composition

1. Composition:

-Random one out of two albums

-Photobook 2nd PAGE 1 random out of 9

-1 out of 2 CD-Rs (album version specified)

-3 QR photocard versions (insert 1 each version):


1) SELF-PORTRAIT ver. Random 1 out of 9

2) SELFIE ver. Random 1 out of 27

3) BEHIND ver. Random 1 out of 9

-Random 1 out of 9 LYRICS POSTER2.SIZE: 180mm x 255mm


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