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Stray Kids


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- '2018's most anticipated star' Stray Kids, officially debuted in the music industry with the first mini-album 'I am NOT'
- 'I am NOT', an ambitious debut album filled with self-composed songs! It contains the identity & sincerity of an infinitely growing group!
- 'District 9', a title song that expresses Stray Kids' unique musical hangout! A hybrid genre combining hip-hop-rock-EDM

Stray Kids, the most anticipated star in the music industry in 2018, will officially debut with the release of their debut album 'I am NOT' and the title song 'District 9' on March 26.
The nine members are Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and IN. Stray Kids, who aim to become a single organism and aim for an infinite growth group, take the first step in the high expectations of domestic and foreign music fans.

In the reality program 'Stray Kids', which was presented by JYP Entertainment and Mnet in October 2017, the members not only worked on the song, but also participated in various fields such as producing, concept, and performance, making a strong impression.

With their pre-debut album 'Mixtape', which was released before their official debut in January of this year, Stray Kids proved their keen interest abroad by ranking No. In addition, it was selected as the 1st place among 'Top 5 New K-Pop Artists to Watch in 2018' selected by US Billboard, attracting attention as the best rookie of the year.

Stray Kids revealed their ambitious ambitions by filling all 8 tracks of their debut album and first mini-album 'I am NOT' with self-composed songs. The album name, which starts with the awareness of 'I am NOT', signals the beginning of the musical identity they will develop in the future.

The title song 'District 9' is a song that expresses Stray Kids' unique hideout. The message of 'District 9' to break away from the standardized and standardized framework and build their own domain by breaking the existing system perfectly matches the group name Stray Kids. The lyrics were composed with a strong ambition to turn everything upside down in a special area set by them, and a hybrid genre combining hip-hop, rock, and EDM created a lively sound.

[Record composition] 

-Random one out of two album covers 

-1 random out of 9 photobook 1P 

-1 out of 2 CD-Rs (album cover version specified) 

-3 photocard versions   

1) CHILDHOOD VER. Random 1 out of 9   

2) UNIT VER. Random one out of 21 (including back voice QR code)   

3) SELFIE VER. Random 1 out of 9 (including back voice QR code)

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