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Stray Kids - MINI 1ST ALBUM [I am NOT]

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Track 1'NOT!' is a hip-hop song containing the theme of this debut album'I am NOT', and the sound design and trap that exudes a cyberpunk feel met. Track 3'Mirror' unfolds with the content of reflecting on one's spirit of'who am I?' while contemplating self-identity. The ever-changing wrapping and various vocals were in harmony.

 Track 4'Awaken' strongly expressed the will to'break your own frame' based on the rock sound. It is a song that shouts an autobiographical story starting with the awareness of'I am NOT'. Track 5'ROCK (Stone)' is characterized by the witty lyrics of'I'd rather be a stone' because of the frustration of identity confusion. Verbal play and powerful sound were in harmony. Track 6'You're doing well' is a lyrical and emotional hip-hop song with a warm and comforting message. 

Track 7 '3rd Eye' is an R&B genre that expresses the desire to see yourself with a new'third eye' rather than the existing gaze, drawing a lot of sympathy from peers. 

Track 8'Mixtape #1' is a special song that can only be found on CDs, with'placebo effect' as the keyword. Stray Kids puts an order of'can climb' and conveys the feeling of rising with a cheerful sound.

You can feel the bright and positive mind of Stray Kids. Stray Kids sing about their real situation and what they really want to say through their debut album'I am NOT'. 'I am NOT', which has tried to contemplate identity and contain truthfulness, becomes the base of musical growth that Stray Kids will unfold indefinitely, and announces their meaningful beginning.


[Record composition] 

-Random one out of two album covers 

-1 random out of 9 photobook 1P 

-1 out of 2 CD-Rs (album cover version specified) 

-3 photocard versions   

1) CHILDHOOD VER. Random 1 out of 9   

2) UNIT VER. Random one out of 21 (including back voice QR code)   

3) SELFIE VER. Random 1 out of 9 (including back voice QR code)

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peachkpop 음악 CD Stray Kids - MINI 1ST ALBUM [I am NOT]
$12.60 USD
$12.60 USD

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