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Stray Kids

Holiday Special Single [Christmas EveL] (Limited Edition)

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Stray Kids releases a special holiday single 'Christmas EveL' on November 29th!

- “Special New Year’s Eve” single ‘Christmas EveL’, a surprise gift from the bad boys for Christmas!

- Realizing the 2021 project promise relay! Satisfaction with global STAY is filled with season songs!

Stray Kids will release a special holiday single 'Christmas EveL' on November 29, 2021.

Stray Kids continues the group's unique way of communicating with the world with new words beyond the existing grammar frame for each album through the new single name 'Christmas EveL', which is the addition of the letter 'L' to 'Christmas Eve'. With the theme of 'The Bad Boy of Christmas', he visits domestic and foreign fans with a special single like a surprise gift for Christmas.

In the video 'Stray Kids "STEP OUT 2021", released on January 1 of this year, the group's aspirations and plans such as the first official fan meeting, own reality, 2nd regular album, season song, collaboration, and pop-up store were announced and a fan meeting was held. Starting with 'SKZ CODE,' its own reality show, and global collaboration, it has fulfilled its fan love by keeping its promises sequentially. Following the momentum, they release the season song and respond to the support of domestic and foreign fans.

Stray Kids introduced the addictive music 'God Menu' and 'Back Door' through the first regular album 'GO生' released last year and the 1st regular repackage album 'IN生', pioneering the field of 'maramat genre music'. They solidified and stood tall as the 'next-generation K-pop representative group'. After winning the final victory of Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' in June this year, he achieved 'Career High' with his 2nd regular album 'NOEASY' and the title song 'Singer', which were released in August, achieving the highest scores in various indicators. In September, the cumulative shipment volume of the Gaon Chart exceeded 1.22 million copies and became a 'million-selling artist' after 3 years of debut, firmly establishing itself as a 'K-pop 4th generation leader'.

Those who are proving the team's true worth with their strong performances, strong vocals and rapping skills, as well as writing, composing, and arranging lyrics, keep their promises with their fans and color the end of 2021 warmly with a new single full of warmth.

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limited edition

1. Composition:

- Digipack + 1 photobook (some pages are the same as the normal photobook class)

- 1 CD-R

- One random out of 16 photocards (same as normal class)

- Random 1 out of 8 glitter photo cards (same as normal class)

- 1 sticker (same as regular class)

- Limited edition privilege

1) 1 Christmas Seal

2) 1 Christmas card

2. Size: 164 x 224 x 19 mm
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