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Stray Kids


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Stray Kids,'Clé' series final mini album'Clé: LEVANTER' released on December 9th!

-Write all songs-Participate in composition! Stray Kids found a new album with abbreviated meaning of the true Clé!-Title song'Levanter','JYP Park Jin-young X 3RACHA (Three Racha) X Hertz Analog' special collaboration look-Stray Kids, filled with new songs with courage and faith!


Stray Kids released a mini album'Clé: LEVANTER' on December 9th.


Stray Kids, who boldly threw a vote for the music industry with his own song'Hellevator'. Up to the new album'Clé: LEVANTER', she is writing a history of music growth without limits by listing her name on the album credits every time.


Starting with'Clé 1: MIROH' (Clé 1: Maze),'Clé 2: Yellow Wood' (Clé 2: Yellow Wood) and finally'Clé: LEVANTER', the final version of the'Clé' series, was released.


Stray Kids, who entered'MIROH' as their first step into the adult world, walked in their own direction with their fiery determination and passion as a weapon. Without avoiding hardships and adversity, what we encountered in the labyrinth space that came in with our whole body was a'side effect'. However, rather than sitting, he chose to tie his shoelaces twice and run into the world.


Stray Kids, who has been running toward their dreams so far, has abbreviated the true meaning of'Clé' that they found in the past journey to this album.


The title track'Levanter' is a song named by JYP head Park Jin-young and talented musician Herz Analog along with the team's producing group 3RACHA.


Stray Kids calmly sings the feelings the members felt with lyrics such as "What I needed was me, I walk as my feet go, and the moment I leave the tunnel that locked me in my dream, I feel the light pouring down."


The new mini album includes the title song'Levanter','STOP','Double Knot','Booster','Astronaut','Sunshine','You Can STAY', and'Mixtape#' which can only be heard on CD. A total of 8 tracks were recorded up to 5'. Again, she participated in the lyrics and composition of all songs to melt the original color of Stray Kids.


‘STOP’ is an extension of the track ‘The Road Without Stepping’ from ‘Clé 2: Yellow Wood’. Matthew Tishler, who worked on the OST with Disney, and Threeracha worked together after the last time. The lyrics are about the enlightenment Stray Kids gained, who arrived at the end of the ‘Road Never Stepped on.’


'Double Knot', which was pre-released as a digital single on October 9th, is a song where you can feel the determined ambition of tying shoelaces twice tightly. I melted the spirit of being able to leave anywhere with a strong melody.


'Booster' is a mixture of strong rap and three-dimensional vocals to create an explosive mood. The energetic rap line lingers addictively, and the members' colorful chords are embroidered throughout the song.



<Detailed Information>

Clé: LEVANTER general class


1. Composition:

-2 photobooks (same as limited edition and some pages)*1 random out of 8 special pages (same as limited edition)

-CD-R 2 types

-3 random out of 40 QR photo cards (same as limited edition)

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