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Stray Kids

[Clé 2 : Yellow Wood] (NORMAL)

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"Comeback of the Rookie of the Music World" Stray Kids, released special album'Clé 2: Yellow Wood' on June 19th!

-Comeback Stray Kids, spectacle & dynamic atmosphere'From building forest to yellow wood!'-The possibility of'the home of pop' in the US was recognized! Spotlight on the local media "The Stray Kids is developing its own path"


Group Stray Kids will release a special album and make a comeback on the 19th.

On March 25 this year, Stray Kids, who released the mini album'Clé 1: MIROH' and the title song'MIROH', opened a new chapter and continues to grow with a comeback in 3 months.


Stray Kids officially debuted in March 2018, and released songs written and composed for each active song from their debut title track.Since their debut, they have achieved '9 Rookie Awards' by sweeping rookie awards at various awards ceremonies. . In particular, in recent years, it has successfully completed a showcase tour in the United States and has been recognized for its infinite potential as a'next generation K-pop representative group', attracting the attention of local media.


Stray Kids held 4 exclusive showcase tours in the US from Newark on May 14th and 15th to Los Angeles on the 17th and Houston on the 19th and sold out the last time. Among them, the Newark performance was sold out quickly after ticket reservations opened, and the event was also sold out, proving the status and position of the group Stray Kids in the'Home of Pop' America. In response, Billboard of the United States said, "We are pioneering our own way with a showcase tour and'Clé' album series," for Stray Kids. He directly works on music to deliver dynamic energy and messages, and the US showcase tour clearly shows how fast they have grown.”


Billboard, as well as iHeartRadio, Good Day New York, BUILD, Dazed, NME, Forbes, MTV, Tumblr, Refinery29 Major local media such as (Refinery29), Tmrw, Entertainment Tonight, Buzzfeed, and Young Hollywood have expressed their interest in Stray Kids.



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Clé 2: Yellow Wood (General)


1. Composition:

-2 photobooks (same as limited edition and some pages)*1 random out of 9 special pages (same as limited edition)

-CD-R 2 types

-3 random out of 45 QR photo cards (same as limited edition)

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