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Stray Kids

2nd Regular Album [NOEASY] (Normal Ver)

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Stray Kids, comeback with their 2nd regular album 'NOEASY ' on August 23rd! Strengthening the K-pop trend!


- Stray Kids, pioneers of the 'Maramat genre', are back with a new album 'NOEASY' that will set a wedge in their identity and position!

- Prove your all-rounder skills by winning 'Kingdom'! Domestic and international fandom expectations for the first album to be released in 2021 are high!


Stray Kids will make a comeback after about 11 months after releasing their new album 'NOEASY' on August 23rd.


Stray Kids releases a new album in about 11 months after the first full-length repackage album 'IN生' released on September 14, 2020, and visits fans.


They ascended to the final throne of Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War', which ended in June of this year, and are equipped with a powerful force in the epic of infinite growth.


It proved the true value of the team with its all-rounder charm, which is equipped with various abilities such as writing lyrics, composing, arranging, rapping, vocal, and choreography, and announced its solid presence as a 'next-generation K-pop representative group'.


In particular, it is expected that this comeback will put a wedge in Stray Kids' unique identity and trending position.


On the 6th (local time), the digital single 'Mixtape: Ae', released on June 26, topped the US Billboard's 'World Digital Song Sales Chart', and the result was Stray Kids' first No. proved its popularity.


In addition, the album 'IN生' proved its dominance by acquiring the double platinum certification given to albums that sold over 500,000 copies based on the Gaon Chart.


On the other hand, Stray Kids will release their new album 'NOEASY' on the 23rd of next month and ignite the global popularity once again.

*Album Specifications / Normal Class


1. Composition:


- 2 package sleeves

- 2 types of photobooks (same as limited edition and some pages)

- 1 lyric book (same as limited edition)

- 2 CD-Rs

- Random 1 out of 2 stickers (same as limited edition)

- 1 random out of 4 unit folding posters (same as limited edition)

- 2 random photo cards out of 32 types (same as limited edition)

- 1 random out of 8 double-sided photo cards (same as limited edition)

- Pre-order bonus (same as limited edition)

1) Random 1 out of 4 posters

2) 1 random out of 8 frame photocards

3) Random 1 out of 2 special mini photobooks


2. SIZE: 164 x 224 x 24 mm

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