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Stingray Fit String Hooded High Waist Knit Dress

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" String hood stingray fit burgundy knit OPS that is comfortable and beautiful for daily use"

It is made of a ribbed knit material that is strong and tight, so it not only holds the body line nicely, but it is also comfortable to wear with a solid knit :)
The upper part is made with a loose stingray fit, and the H-line from the high waist part to the skirt hem makes the slim waist line and leg line look long, and the overall body silhouette looks soft!
The style comes alive when worn with a loose hood with easy string adjustment, and the semi-balloon sleeve detail adds a cute yet casual feel ♡

It is made in a rare and luxurious burgundy color, so it is recommended for daily look, date look, and casual look.

Size : 44 - 66 Free
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