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Stella Jang


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Tellajan [Stairs]

I live on the second floor. Every time I enter the house, I have a thought or melody that comes to mind as I climb the few stairs. Then I walk faster. If I miss this now, I feel like I'll be gone forever. Climb up the stairs, press the door code in a hurry, throw out the bag as soon as you enter the house, sit in front of the piano or next to the guitar, and record the form of a song like smoke just before it flies away. Sometimes it fails to hold onto it. It's like a rising stock. Geez that wasn't mine.

The clumsy recordings that could not be escaped were gathered and became an album. Not all of them started with stairs, but I liked the title stairs quite a bit, so I decided to group the children with the same name. Because it is also a record of each step towards the next step. Life is perhaps like a great stairway leading to death. Once you start going up, you can't go down and you have to go up in one direction even if you don't want to. The words are scruffy, but in fact, they are very small and ordinary songs. Songs that you can hum while meeting friends and going home.

Songs that appear in the world have their own vitality and path, so they are either loved or forgotten long after they are released. Just as children do not grow up according to their parents' wishes, these songs will also lead their own lives. We have no choice but to pray quietly that we will know our own path and pave the way well in this difficult world.

In a time when the value of music is not the same as before, my colleagues who did my best to cooperate, the company that believed in me and invested generously in me rather than me trying to cut down on the budget for fear of not being able to pass the BEP, and the charts and other great music in the world. I would like to express my infinite gratitude to the listeners who chose to listen to the album.

*Album Specifications

- CD Jewel Case : 142 x 124 x 10 mm

- Cover Booklet : 28P / 120 x 120 mm

- Photo card : Insert 3 types / 85 x 120 mm
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