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STAYC (STAYC) 2nd Single Album'STAYDOM' released on April 8th!

'STAYC', the best newcomer who achieved various achievements in 2020, will unveil its new appearance on April 8th with a new album'STAYDOM'.

STAYC, who showed synergy with the producer of'Black Eyed Pilseung x All Army' in the previous work'SO BAD', once again united with Black Eyed Pilseung x All Army. This album,'STAYDOM', which has been devoted to expressing the colors of STAYC, is going to introduce a more powerful'teen fresh' based on the freedom that only STAYC can express, and STAYC's unique'teen' and'kitsch'.

STAYC has already been verified through various media for its outstanding appearance as well as outstanding skills, so this newly transformed activity also raises great expectations from the public.

In addition, STAYC's signature official fragrance card, which was shown on the last debut album and received favorable reviews, can still be confirmed on this โ€˜STAYDOMโ€™ album, attracting the attention of fans.

[Album details]

-COVER type 1: 177 x 171 mm

-PHOTOBOOK: 72P / 165 x 165 mm

-1 CD-R

-PHOTOCARD: 1 random out of 12/55 x 85 mm

-POSTCARD: Random 1 out of 6/120 x 120 mm

-STICKER: Insert 1 type / 145 x 145 mm

-OFFICIAL FRAGRANCE CARD: Insert 1 type / 90 x 130 mm

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