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Square Neck Glitter Pearl Velvet Long Dress (2size)

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"A luxurious mood dressy glitter pearl velvet long dress that goes well with the year-end party look"

An item that emphasizes the clavicle line and creates a sexy yet delicate feeling~!
By holding the waist line slimly at the high waist, the leg silhouette looks longer and slimmer.
The high-quality pearl velvet material is softly lit with glitter, so your eyes are constantly drawn to it every time it moves and is illuminated!
It is a luxurious long velvet dress that will definitely be worn for year-end gatherings and party looks as it covers the body with a flared cut line and looks elegant.

With a feminine shape, it is a high-quality long dress that goes well with any place such as year-end look, date look, guest look, and performance look โ™ก
It goes very well with jackets, coats, and fur items.
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Square Neck Glitter Pearl Velvet Long Dress (2size)
$48.00 USD
$48.00 USD

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