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1st Full Album [Here I Am]

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The first mini album 'So Sweet!' in 2018,

2nd mini album 'So beautiful' in 2020

Lee So-ye, who delivered beautiful and sweet music, her first full-length album 'Here I Am'

Lee So Ye A lyrical poem that adds depth to her unique transparent voice,

Here I Am is a delicate and delicate sensibility.

It is her dreamy album that vividly paints her own colors.

This album features a variety of tracks across genres.

At the point of polar opposites, all songs intersect with each other

You can feel the mysterious experience of gradation.

The collaboration between Soye Lee and kAya continues!

Following her previous albums, her full-length albums were also filled with songs by Iso Ye XkAya.

From the title song 'Here I Am', which takes the taboo love between Eros and Psyche as a motif.

The heart of an adult child (just now) and the wandering of young people living in modern times (my missing),

In addition to the various b-side songs containing emotions such as first love, relationship, waiting, and parting,

It also contains lovely songs with themes of birthdays (on your birthday) and cats (hello cat).

The title song 'Here I Am' was produced by Seoul Cinema Sarong, a production company created by two people working in Hollywood (Director Kim Min-ki) and Japan (PD Park Min-gyu), and Ko So-young, who worked together in the web drama 'The Museum of Cactus Growing', appeared together. did.

In addition to the title song, 'On Your Birthday' and 'My Missing Away' MV

In addition to her voice, you can also meet the colorful charms of Lee So-ye, the chief of acting at Seoul Institute of the Arts.

On September 1, Lee So Ye, who will release her first full-length album, will be active in various fields, including music and acting.

β–  Album composition

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