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[SOME BY MI] Pure Vitamin C V10 Cleansing Bar (SOAP) 106g

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Start of Your Skincare For A Clear, Vibrant-looking Complexion!

No matter how hard you tried, if you feel like you don’t look good because of your dull skin tone, start by changing your cleansing product.

V10 Vitamin Tone up Cleansing Bar contains highly concentrated (15,000 ppm) pure Vitamin C and 10 types of multi-vitamins to take care of skin into a clean and clear complexion.

A rich foam cleanses off the accumulated impurities on the skin while adding a moisturized feeling with Vegetable oil, providing an impressive refreshing and moisturizing finish. It is a plus point that it contains Chamomile Flower Extract, effective for soothing skin, to allow mild skincare on irritated skin.

Weight: 106g(with moisture) / 95g(when dried)
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