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[SOME BY MI] H7 Hydro Max Moisturizer Cream 50ml

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Moisturized skin, hydrated by the power of pure, clean ocean!

If you want to overcome dry, cracked skin, pay attention to H7 Moisture Cream made with special water that a burst of hydration into the skin.

SOME BY MI H7 Hydro Max Cream contains 70 % of deep seawater from Ulleungdo, which has a total different clearness and pureness due to its deep water level and low-temperature, delivering clear and clean energy into the skin.

Plus, seven types of Hyaluronic acids create a powerful moisture barrier to protect the abundant moisture from escaping.

Use H7 cream before applying foundation. As soon as applied on skin, it adheres tightly just as if coated and complete a watery glowing makeup that looks like your own skin.

Are you worried if it might be too irritating for the skin? Don’t worry. It is a mild moisture cream that has completed skin irritation test. It has a watery texture that pops like a waterdrop and spreads with a refreshing sensation, so it can be used by any skin types.

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