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Smoke Banding Balloon Puff Shoulder Crop Shirring Blouse

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"Heart V Neck Balloon Puff Smoked Crop Blouse that gives a voluminous body line"

The smoke banding makes the waist line slimmer, so you can style it more slender and comfortable.
The neck line is a heart V neck, with a slim face, but the bust line is subtly sexy, and the shirring detail is added to create a more voluminous design!
It is an item that is not burdensome and the sleeve design of the balloon puff sleeve is lovely yet trendy :)
With a cropped length, the waist line looks thin and the leg line looks long ♥

Make it cool and stylish even on a hot summer day, such as a date look or summer daily look!
It goes well with a variety of bottoms such as denim, skirts, and slacks, so I highly recommend it!



Size : 44 - 55 Free

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