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3RD ALBUM [An Ode]

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SEVENTEEN, presenting solid and mature finished music...released the 3rd regular album [An Ode]!Seventeen, 3rd regular album [An Ode] released... 'Seventeen's melody'!Seventeen releases 3rd regular album [An Ode] on September 16th! The fatal charm of the title song'Poison: Fear'!Seventeen releases a full album after 1 year and 10 months [An Ode]! Participate in the lyrics and composition of Seventeen!


Group Seventeen will finally release their 3rd regular album [An Ode] on September 16th, after about a year and 10 months after the pre-released digital single "HIT".Seventeen's 3rd regular album [An Ode] is an album in line with the digital single'HIT', which foretold challenges while dreaming of expanding into a new world. Thus, just as the speaker metaphorically expresses the message through'Ode', SEVENTEEN also incorporates the special meaning of'Seventeen's melody' by melting the message they want to convey in various ways.


In addition, SEVENTEEN faced the feeling of'fear' that anyone can feel at least once in life as one of the emotions felt through the process of creation, deep insight into it and made SEVENTEEN who fell into agony grow one step further. [An Ode ] To provide more mature finished music.The title song'Poison: Fear' of the 3rd regular album [An Ode], which has become more solid like this, is an R&B genre based on a heavy bass sound. It expresses the feeling of fear that anyone can feel as'Poison', and the performance of perfect gradual adjustment is added to Seventeen. Man's fatal and understated sexyness stands out.


In addition, after ‘HIT’, which screamed for liberation from restraint and control, and sought a breakthrough, Seventeen showed an endlessly lonely and deep trap through ‘Poison: Fear’. In particular, by revealing the darkest side that has not been shown to the public so far, it is expected to present the'darkness of Seventeen's table for the first time, with an atmosphere that has changed 180 degrees.In addition, in the 3rd album [An Ode], the pre-released'HIT' and URBAN POP-style songs'Let me hear you', the serenade'Let me hear you say', which expresses gratitude to the person who comforted you, and Seventeen's Along with group songs such as youth hymn'Lucky','Snap Shoot' that captures moments of happy emotions, and Japanese single album title'Happy Ending', performance unit '247', vocal unit's'Second Life', hip-hop unit's' From'Back it up' to'Network Love' of a new mix unit composed of Vernon, Joshua, Jun, and The8, the members participated in the overall composition and lyrics of all songs, expressing the emotions of Seventeen, filling 11 tracks.


Seventeen's melody, which has been written in the form of a song that expresses the emotions felt in various situations and the message he wants to send, is completed with one [An Ode], and what the growth pains of those who face'fear' will achieve the future Seventeen will pursue It makes you pay attention to the direction of




-CD, PHOTOBOOK (104p): Images and differences in each version

-MINI PHOTOBOOK (8p): Randomly insert 1 type out of 13 types for each version (total 65 types)

-PHOTOCARD: Random insertion of 4 types out of 52 types for each version (total of 260 types)

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