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9th Mini Album [Attacca]

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SEVENTEEN, the ‘global K-pop powerhouse’, is approaching more boldly and hotly with their 9th mini album [Attacca].
Unstoppable passion... SEVENTEEN's enterprising love method deepened
The unstoppable feeling of 'I' towards 'you' is colored with passion.
A page of love that SEVENTEEN talks about, the 9th mini album [Attacca]

Group SEVENTEEN returns with their 9th mini album [Attacca] after about 4 months and continues the 2021 project “Power of ‘Love’” to deliver a deeper message of love.

With their 8th mini album [Your Choice], released on June 18, SEVENTEEN achieved a splendid feat for the first time to enter the US Billboard's main album chart, 'Billboard 200,' at #15. , recorded sales of more than 1 million copies of four consecutive albums with a single album, rising to the ranks of 'quadruple million sellers' and solidifying its position as a domestic 'record powerhouse' in name and reality.

Those who are writing dazzling records, receiving a lot of love both at home and abroad and around the world, will release their ninth mini album [Attacca] on October 22, with more mature music and differentiated charm, more boldly and hotly, once again around the world. It hits the hearts of listeners.

# The third story of the 2021 project “Power of ‘Love’”, the 9th mini album [Attacca]

SEVENTEEN continues the 2021 project “Power of ‘Love’” by talking about the theme of ‘love’ with their 9th mini album [Attacca].

Seventeen opened the project with Wonwoo and Mingyu's digital single 'Bittersweet', which was released on May 28th. Wonwoo and Mingyu's 'Bittersweet', which solved the dilemma of 'between love and friendship' between three men and women confused in a mixed situation, showed the first form of love, and the second form of love, the 8th mini album [Your Choice] It depicts a story of courageously confessing the feelings of 'I' to 'you', who made me realize my feelings.

Here, we talk about the third form of love with the 9th mini album [Attacca]. Various forms of love and the emotion of 'passion' meet, revealing a deeper emotional line of love, further expanding the way Seventeen can show love.

The album name [Attacca] is a term that means 'continue to play without interruption' when the next movement continues from the end of one movement. It is an album that conveys the enterprising love method.

# Deeper passion for love, title song 'Rock with you' Seventeen's unstoppable 'passion'

The title song 'Rock with you' is a rock-based song with an attractive harmony of intense synth sound, guitar sound, and two-step rhythm as if running. . The lyrics that tell the story of 'I', who can always do anything for 'you' and the desire to always be with the person you love, conveys the heart of uncontrollable love for you more subjectively and sincerely, and the passion SEVENTEEN defines. expressed the message of

In the music video, the hot feeling of falling in love with passion more than anyone else, the figure of 'I', who finished preparing to run to the loved one, broke the world and ran wildly, was shown as 'Seventeen', a rebel full of energy, increasing immersion. . It shows the colorful love of SEVENTEEN with its pure yet sincere love for love and intense images like riding a bike and sprinting.

In particular, SEVENTEEN is performing without rest as a 'K-pop performance representative'. The title song 'Rock with you' fills the stage with SEVENTEEN's unique charm, while expressing the confidence of emotions with powerful energy, while providing an addictive choreography that anyone can follow and a performance that can't take your eyes off of it from start to finish. ' This is the point of observation of the performance.

# SEVENTEEN's 'Shape of love'...Playlist with progressive love methods

The 9th mini album [Attacca] contains a total of 7 songs, including the second track and title song 'Rock with you'. He took part in the whole work and showed sincerity. Proving once again their confidence in their musical growth, this is the pride in the music SEVENTEEN wants to express.

The first track 'Swirl', which opens the door of the album, is a synth pop genre song that leads the overall song with a dynamic synth sound. ' I can feel the affection and passion for the other person.

The third track, 'Crush', with its simple yet sophisticated beat and pop-style melody, is a song that expresses the deepening love of 'I' after falling for 'you'. is expressed with witty lyrics along with understated sexy vocals, creating a seductive atmosphere.

This album also includes unit songs from the performance team, vocal team, and hip-hop team, which are Seventeen's unique unit systems, proving a wide musical spectrum, and adding various colors to the track list by recording the form of love delivered by each unit in turn.

The fourth track ‘PANG!’, which conveys the feeling of fresh love with the popping and unique lyrics and the performance team’s hip melody expression, and the fifth track ‘Everyday’ I'm happy because it's you' and the sixth track 'To Miss You', which talks about the preciousness of love with the deep emotional color of the hip-hop team, spreads the heat of love even deeper.

In addition, SEVENTEEN's first English song, '2 MINUS 1' with Joshua and Vernon, decorates the end of all tracks running non-stop. This song is a digital track that is not included in the album, and the new album adds specialness as it is the first English song to be recorded.

SEVENTEEN's first English song '2 MINUS 1' is a pop punk genre song, and the vintage drum sound and strong guitar sound maximize the confused feeling about 'you', which cannot be erased. Joshua's unique emotional voice and Vernon's striking vocals harmonize to create a pushing and pulling dynamic.

Through their 9th mini album [Attacca], SEVENTEEN talks about the various forms of love that exist to anyone and everywhere based on their distinct musical color in their own way, gently expressing the feelings of love in the 21st century reality, sometimes without delay, quickly and intensely. It will decorate the 'A Page of Love' delivered by SEVENTEEN more passionately and passionately, imprinting it in the hearts of listeners all over the world.



[Album Specifications]
- 3 types in total [Op.1, Op.2, Op.3]

- Photobook (78p): Op.1 3 types, Op.2 3 types, Op.3 4 types, 1 random for each version

- Lyric case: different design for each version

- 1CD: Each version has a different design

- Layered card: 1 random out of 13 versions (limited to the first draft)

- Photo Postcard: Random 1 out of 13 each version

- Folding card: Random 1 out of 13 types in each version

- Photocard: 2 random out of 26 types in each version

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