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8th Mini Album [Your Choice]

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'Seventeen's deep love method'...

8th mini album with mature love story [Your Choice]A colorful playlist containing various types of actions and emotions for 'love'SEVENTEEN's table depicts maturity that respects the candid mind of 'me' and the choice of 'you'.


The group SEVENTEEN returns after about 8 months with their 8th mini album [Your Choice], which contains various types of actions and emotions about love, depicting the maturity of SEVENTEEN's mark.


The 7th mini album [Henggarae] and special album [; [Semicolon]] became a double million seller with two single albums in Korea, and ranked as one of the TOP 2 for annual album sales in 2020. ' and 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' one after another, gaining world-wide popularity encompassing both domestic and overseas, solidifying its position as a 'global top tier'.


The eighth mini-album [Your Choice], released on June 18, is expected to once again excite the hearts of global fans through the colorful charms of SEVENTEEN and the messages contained in the music.


SEVENTEEN, who announced the start of the 2021 project “Power of 'Love',” foretells that 2021 will be filled with frank and colorful feelings of love by talking about the various moments of love that can be encountered in life through this project. It drew a lot of interest and expectations from listeners.


First, with the theme of 'between love and friendship', Wonwoo and Mingyu's digital single 'Bittersweet' opened the first door of the 2021 project “Power of 'Love'”, and made me realize the feeling of love through the 8th mini album [Your Choice]. Jun continues the narrative by depicting the stories of those who courageously confess their hearts to you.


# Everything is ready... … 'Ready to love' SEVENTEEN's deep love method



[Your Choice], the album name of the 8th mini album, contains the meaning that your choice is more important than mine. This redefines and expands the mature image that only Seventeen can show, while continuing to share the concerns of 'I' and respect the choice of 'You' and the inherent innocence of honestly expressing one's feelings.

There are various forms and forms of love in the lives of all who live in this era, and their thoughts and forms of love are also different.


The <Second Form of Love> they are talking about shows various types of behaviors and emotions when they fall in love under the big theme of 'love' told through their 8th mini album [Your Choice]. The playlist delivers a sympathetic message to many people.


This is the form and method of love that Seventeen talks about, and the form of love they want to talk about.

The title song 'Ready to love' is an R&B-based pop genre song with a sensual synth base and striking beat. . The lyrics depicting the story of 'I', who fell in love with 'you', whom he thought was a friend, and is ready to confess courageously, adds to the charm of SEVENTEEN who has returned to a deeper man.






-1 CD: The design of each version is different

-Photobook (80p): Each version consists of 3 types of ONE SIDE, 2 types of OTHER SIDE, 5 types of BESIDE

     [ONE SIDE] Random 1 out of 3

     [OTHER SIDE] Random 1 out of 2

     [BESIDE] Random 1 out of 5

-Photocard: 1 random out of 13 versions of each version

-Postcard: 1 random out of 13 versions of each version

-Sticker: 1 type for each version

-Saddle-stitched lyrics (8p): 1 type of each version

-Transparent bookmark: 1 type for each version

-Minicard: 1 random out of 13 versions of each version (** Only inserted in ONE SIDE and BESIDE versions)

-Unit card: random 1 out of 6 (inserted only in **OTHER SIDE version)


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