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See-through Embroidery Pattern Lace Banding Long Skirt

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" See-through Embroidery Pattern Lace Flare Long Skirt with Feminine Mood Elegant Silhouette "

Introducing a long skirt that praises the moment it is fitted.
A pretty long skirt that makes you want to walk around and move around when you wear it with a light feeling!
The flower-shaped detail on the bottom of the hem is unique and looks more luxurious.
It is a high-quality item with a see-through embroidered pattern lace that is pure and pretty, yet has a subtle sexy feel.
It is recommended as a lower body cover look with a flared line skirt, and it is comfortable to wear without worrying about see-through because it has a seal, and anyone can wear it comfortably regardless of size even with a basic line or a high waist line with a waist band.
The design itself is so well done, it goes well with any top and goes well with a variety of feelings, so it's easy to match, and it's a must-have skirt with no flaws.

If you collect them by color, you can wear them luxuriously on special days as well as on comfortable days such as daily look, guest look, and date look โ™ก
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