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SBS Monday-Tuesday Drama

A business proposal OST (2CD)

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SBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'A business proposal' OST

An album containing all the tracks of the OST of the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'A business proposal', which depicts an office romance that trembles at the heart, will be released.

SBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'A business proposal' is an office romance drama full of thrills between Kang Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-seop), a talented man with a face, and Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong), an employee who cheated on his identity. The webtoon and web novel of the same name recorded 450 million domestic and foreign views, raising expectations for dramaization.

The drama 'A business proposal' was loved by many as it achieved the first place in viewer ratings for Monday-Tuesday dramas in Korea, and Netflix also ranked first in the U.S. as well as in 23 countries including Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. The box office set a new record for a Korean romantic comedy.

As for the music of ‘A business proposal’, ‘Park Se-joon’, who completed the best drama music such as ‘Vincenzo’, ‘Startup’, ‘Stove League’, and ‘Extraordinary You’, took over as the music director and produced a high-quality album. From MeloMance to Moojin Lee, VICTON, MOVNING, BamBam, SECRET NUMBER (Secret Number), Jihan, Soeun Park (Weeekly), Haye Song, Seungyoon Han, Seungyoon Han, THE BOYZ, Sujin Moon. It received great interest and love from listeners with its solid singer lineup.

In particular, Melon OST chart 1st (5th overall), iTunes chart Vietnam and Thailand 5th and 7th, respectively, as well as Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia ranked 19th, 45th, and 54th, MeloMance's 'Is it Love'? ', BamBam's 'Melting' ranked first in 13 countries including Thailand and Brazil, and Secret Number's 'Is it Love' ranked second in Indonesia? It has established itself as an OST.

In addition to global box office hits, the OST of 'A business proposal', which has been well-received by 'Luxury OST' and 'OST Restaurant', is inserted in the right place for the drama. [CD 1] contains 11 tracks of artists who have enhanced the immersion of the drama story, and [CD2] contains 23 BGM tracks that enhance the atmosphere of the play. In addition, photobooks and photocards contain behind-the-scenes cuts of actors who have received much love from viewers, so it will be a gift-like album to fans of 'man-to-man'.

The OST album for 'A business proposal', which is about to end on April 5th, will ease the regrets of fans of 'Match the Man' OST album will go on pre-sale on March 28th, and after the release of the sound source on all music sites at 12:00pm on April 5th. It will be available at offline music stores and online music sites nationwide on April 19.

*Album Specifications

- OUTBOX : 164x215

- Booklet: 160x210 / 64P with cover

- Digipack : 2 CD Holder (160X210) + 2CD

- Lyrics: 120*120 / 13 types inserted

- Bookmark : 55*160 / Insert 2 types

- Photo card: 55*85 / 4 types inserted

- Lenticular Card: 55*85 / Randomly insert one out of two

- Sticker: 120*170 / 2 types inserted

- Photo film: 110*150 / 2 types inserted

- Folding poster: 270*210 (folding: 135*210) / Insert 2 types
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