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SBS 2021 WORLDWIDE Boy Group Project

[Boys be LOUD] (2CD)

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SBS 2021 WORLDWIDE Boy Group Project “Boys be LOUD” album release.

Pre-sale starts on September 13th!!

The SBS entertainment program ‘LOUD: Loud’, which was held for 99 days, came to an end.

'LOUD' is a joint audition entertainment audition entertainment program of SBS, JYP Entertainment, led by Jinyoung Park, and P NATION, led by Psy. Boys from all over the world with artistic sensibility and talent were revealed through auditions, and they showed the moving process of determining the members of the next boy group to be presented by JYP Entertainment and P NATION, respectively.

This album captures the beautiful process so far for viewers and fans who are saddened by the end of 'LOUD'. LOUD's own collections that can't be found anywhere, from sound sources for each round, where the participants' sweat, effort, and talents can be glimpsed, to 68-page photobooks and random photocards made up of Devizo members of each agency. This gun was covered. In particular, the photobook contains, in addition to the previously released official profile photos, from exclusive photos that have never been released to still cuts on stage, the photocard is also 100% of the collectible value with undisclosed self-camera photos of the members of the debut group!! And a surprise gift at random in the first limited edition?!


- 2 CDs (37 songs in total)

- Photobook (68P, from on-stage stills to exclusive photos, lyrics, etc.)

- Random Selfie Photo Cards (two total, one for each agency of the final debut group member)
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