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Rocket Punch

Single album [Ring Ring]

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Rocket Punch, which captured the hearts of K-pop fans around the world with their 3rd mini album 'BLUE PUNCH' last year, is making a surprise comeback after about 8 months.

Rocket Punch's first single album [Ring Ring] includes the title song 'Ring Ring', which is a compound word of 'NEW' meaning 'new' and 'RETRO' meaning retro, and the title song 'Ring Ring', which stands out. 3 songs of various genres are included.

The title song 'Ring Ring' is a song that mixes the Synthwave genre with the 80's Synth pop style, and the unique charm of Rocket Punch expresses love in the plump and witty lyrics, 'I will go to the one who rings my phone first'. Rocket Punch, which perfectly reproduces American retro fashion with this outstanding song, will show off its more mature skills and visuals.

The second song 'I Want U Bad' is a POP R&B genre featuring hip-hop bass-based low-range instruments and a dreamy sound. It is an impressive song with unique and honest lyrics that wish to come back.

In addition, the third 'Ride' is a retro-POP genre song that contains a growth story that awakens the inner self, and the analog synth sound using regularly arranged Bass-Rhythm and Jupiter is attractive. Suyun's vocals adorning the finale and TAK's break part Solo Lead were added, raising expectations for the song's completeness and the second half.

Previously, 'Pink PUNCH', 'RED PUNCH', and 'BLUE PUNCH' followed by 'Color Series' trilogy, an 'all-rounder girl group' with perfect skills, visuals and charm Rocket Punch, who has been attracting attention with ', perfectly digests the retro concept that Rocket Punch tries for the first time since debut, and transforms into a 'Newtro Fairy' that can enjoy seeing and hearing at the same time with each choreographed choreography, bringing a new retro craze to the music industry this summer. expect it to happen



*Album specifications


-Booklet: 148*210(mm) / 60p

-CD-R: 118*118(mm)

-Photo Card: 54*86(mm) / Insert 1 random out of 30

-Square Postcard: 100*100(mm) / Insert 1 random out of 6

-Sticker: 130*180(mm) / 1 type inserted

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