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Rocket Punch

2nd Single [FLASH]

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“I'm ready for action, I'm ready!”

Rocket Punch is ready to go out into the world with a bold and confident charm!

Rocket Punch (Yeonhee, Juri, Suyun, Yunkyung, Sohee, Dahyun), who proudly expressed their charms with COLOR COLLECTION in February, returned with a more flashy 'FLASH' after about 6 months.

With this Rocket Punch's second single album 'FLASH', you can feel the new charm of a mature Rocket Punch that transforms into a 'real me' inside of you.

The title song 'FLASH' is a Melbourne-Bounce genre song featuring an up-tempo bass line and Dot-Synth sound, and contains the message of 'taking a step into a new world by generating flashes of light that are emitted in various ways'. Pink, red, blue and yellow dot pattern lights create a blinding black-out, and the main theme that starts with the signal ‘Ready for action’ completes the Oriental-Groove of Rocket Punch.

The second song 'Moon Prism' is an up-tempo dance song that mixes retro pop and synth pop. It contains the lyrics of 'I will change back to the me of that time' by flashbacking the past times. Vocals are added to make the song more colorful.

Also, the third song 'Beep Beep' is a retro-style disco song centered on groove bass and drums. It has a charming charm.

With this second single album 'FLASH', we look forward to a splendid stage filled with Rocket Punch that will capture the hearts of K-POP fans around the world with a different mature charm.

*Album Specifications

- Book Band: 599*60(mm) / Random 1 out of 2 types (The front is the same, only the inside is random)

- Photobook : 175*245(mm) / 64p / 1 type

- CD-R : 118*118(mm) / 1 type

- Photo Card : 54*86(mm) / Random 1 type out of 24 types

- Sticker : 77*55(mm) / Insert 1 type

- Message Card : 150*100(mm) / Random 1 type out of 6 types
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