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4th Mini Album [Geekyland] (Digipack Version)

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Purple Kiss (4th mini album)

'Geekyland' [Main Version]

Released PURPLE KISS 4th Mini Album [Geekyland]

- Guess Who? Who Chews the World? “The alienated Nerds rule the world!”

- A bold story told by seven witches on behalf of all the geeks in the world

The 4th generation representative theme idol ‘PURPLE KISS’, who is building their own identity with a ‘freaky’ concept and unique tone for each album, will release their 4th mini album [Geekyland] on July 25, 2022. do.

This album [Geekyland] means 'a world where geeks live', and the alienated beings no longer hide in 'Geekyland' because they are different from others, but take a step outside the world to convey the message that 'we are the ones who ultimately change the world'. contained it. In the 3rd mini album [memeM], the seven witches who wanted to appear in front of people open their hearts with the Nerds and proudly want to reveal ‘we’.

The title song 'Nerdy' contains a bold message that represents all the geeks in the world. It is an up-tempo song with an addictive bass sound and classic strings sounding luxuriously, and it depicts a special story of 'I will love myself more than anyone else and live like myself' in the style of PURPLE KISS.

PURPLE KISS has released a series of story films with a fantasy fairy tale-like mood with more glamorous mise-en-scène and witty storytelling. The seven geek witches who felt a sense of unity while listening to the stories of the alienated 'Nerds' who have been bullied by 'Bully' share their painful past together, comfort each other, and create the album's theme, 'Let's go out into the world proudly'. It is made up of three stories. In the music video that follows, the witches are angry at the broadcast program that negatively expresses alienated beings, and they make a mess of the broadcasting station themselves and unravel a series of processes that make our voices spread all over the world.

In addition to this, PURPLE KISS's unique Freaky and Spooky mood is impressive, starting with 'Intro: Bye Bye Bully', followed by the Mumbaton genre 'FireFlower', which approaches a more intense temperature like a blue flame, and member Ire's debut. 'Can't stop dreamin', a song that was released as a trailer was reborn as a purple kiss version, and 'Love Is Dead' with a strong sound that expresses 'love with you is over' with the members' unique vocal singing method , 'SuMMer RaiN', a ballad song that compares the feeling of longing for someone who broke up without admitting the breakup to a summer rain, is also included.

Everyone has a geek side.

If we reveal it together without trying to hide it, wouldn't we be able to acquire strong power to change the world?

Let's open the door of 'Geekyland' with PURPLE KISS.

*Album Specifications

- Cover : 139x126x6mm / Random 1 out of 7 (Different images for each version)

- CD-R : 118x118mm / 1 type (same image for each version)

- BOOKLET : 120x120mm / 16p / 1 type (images are different for each version)

- PHOTO CARD 55x85mm / Insert 2 random types out of 28 types (same image for each version)
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