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Chapter02. Fairy forest ’Bravery’

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PIXY releases the second story of Fairy forest (Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery”)!!

At the same time as their debut, PIXY, who received attention for their intense music and worldview, is the first mini-album
(Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery ”) Returned.
PIXY, who showed a presence by painting eyes with a differentiated concept of good and evil,
It has generated a hot reaction at home and abroad, and is raising expectations for the birth of a new Hallyu girl group.
The second journey that PIXY will show will quench the fans' thirst at once.
Intense and trendy music and performances, and a more glamorous music video will draw the attention of viewers, and this worldview, in which PIXY member Saetbyul participated to increase immersion, will also catch the eye.

(Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery ”) consists of a total of 8 tracks, including the title song “Let Me know”, and Wings Remix arranged with a beautiful piano melody for fans who may have felt regret after debuting as a digital single. was recorded as a CD-limited special.
Wings Remix is ​​a song that Glow of Olat Entertainment's producing team D_answer presents to PIXY and fans, and unlike the existing ones, you can feel the dramaticness with the rocky and beautiful piano melody.

The second story of Fairy forest (Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery”) is
It is a story connected to the first chapter, and the fairy is confused by the witch's temptations and whispers and becomes suspicious of each other.
In particular, according to this story that contains the whisper of a witch to sacrifice one fairy
At the beginning of the music video for the title song “Let me know”, the members show a performance as if they were offering Dia as their wealth.
Will they be able to escape the witch's temptation and depend on each other again? The sound of a witch's whistle from the worldview...
Is the theme of this album a whistle sound?
In addition to the title song, looking for a song that contains a witch's whistle will be another interesting part of this album.
(Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery”)
With Kevin D (D_answer), the general producer of Olat Entertainment, Glow, Dr.J, LUZY, Normal of D_answer, and Jay Lee, a producer who is recognized for producing songs by Red Velvet, Loona, Super Junior Kyuhyun, and recently Pentagon. A new producer, chAN's, who emerged from producing the songs in the album, is presenting not only solid music but also the color of PIXY splendidly.
The MOTF (Men of the Future) team, who was in charge of the choreography of the first single song "Wings", will also participate in this album and attract the public's eyes and hearts with a more intense and splendid performance.

1. Intro : sgniw ym htiw ylF (Fly with my wings)
sgniw ym htiw ylF (Fly with my wings) is the opening song of this album.
Whispering, it unfolds with the harmonious harmony of the members. It is characterized by a dreamy atmosphere and magnificent beat, and at the end, the title of the song, "Fly with my wings," is given a reverse effect to express it as if it were a new language.

2. (Title) Let me know
The title song “Let me know” is a song that mixes EDM sound with an intense hip-hop bass, creating a differentiated PIXY feel.
The genre and composition reminiscent of a boy group, and powerful rapping that is not like a rookie will make them stand out even more.
The song, which starts with the theme this time, a whistle and a gentle guitar, tells how PIXY (Pixie) is seduced by a witch and gets her wings.
This song compares the story of being obsessed with the desire to know to the process of falling in love.
In particular, the heart-pounding horn sound in the chorus part gives intensity to the listeners.

3. The moon
It is a song that shows another charm of PIXY with an electronic bass line and a sticky melody.
You can feel the charm of the boyish PIXY, and it contains the story of the red moon, the witch's eyes that illuminate the fairies in the worldview journey.

4. Greedy
It is a song that will show off PIXY's vocal skills with attractive electric guitar, future sound, and sophisticated melodic lines.
The song contains the content of the members in the worldview seducing each other and expressing their greed for wings.

5. Insomnia
It's a hip-hop sound that starts with a gentle acoustic guitar, and the members' beautiful vocals seem to whisper into the ears of fans before they fall asleep.
This song also expresses a witch who visits a member who cannot sleep in this worldview story, and expresses insomnia, which is unable to fall asleep due to thoughts that came to him like an uninvited guest.
It is a song that can give you a different feeling from PIXY (Pixie) who has taken a snow stamp with their performance.

6. Wings Remix (CD ONLY)
As PIXY's debut song, it is expected to be another gift to fans who liked the original song with a rock-like arrangement and a beautiful and dreamy feeling, unlike the intense and dark feeling.

7. Let me know (Inst.)
8. The moon (Inst.)

■ Album composition

-Size: 145 x 205
- 1 sticker
- 7 Postcards
-Photobook (52P)
-World View Book (32P)
- 1 random photo card version A (1 of 6) + 1 random photo card version B (1 of 6)
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