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3rd Mini Album [REBORN]

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PIXY "Dark City" Episode 01 - “REBORN”

Global girl group PIXY is back with their 3rd mini album “REBORN”.

PIXY has successfully completed the invitational performance of “Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival 2021” in India, and is also showing the side of a global girl group by being invited to “OTAKON 2022” in the US, which will return soon.

In this "REBORN", after the last Fairy forest journey is over, PIXY announces the beginning of the new story "Dark City".

In this album, PIXY has been completely reborn to match the album title of “REBORN.” The sensuous and intense performance that PIXY will show, which boldly breaks away from the existing dark fantasy image and returns to an urban and sophisticated image, is attracting attention from the public.

Like PIXY, who boasted a solid song list in each album, this album also has a splendid composition. Starting with the title song "Villain", it boasts jewel-like songs in which producers such as "Natural" and "Deja vu" participated. Also, in this album, the song "Goodbye" to the fans, expresses PIXY's heart that always thinks of the fans. contained

On the other hand, PIXY, who showed a unique worldview like a fairy tale, unfolds an interesting story in this album as well. PIXY, who was deceived by the witch's temptation as a fairy and eventually dyed in darkness, is now reincarnated in 2022 and lives their own lives.

Then, PIXY has a very vivid dream and realizes that it is not a simple dream but their previous life. PIXY, who has found her past self, begins a new adventure in a city stained with evil to complete her unfinished journey.

This album "REBORN" is said to have greatly improved the quality of the album by collaborating with top producers such as Glow, Kevin_Dae, and DR.J, who have been producing PIXY since their debut, as well as JASMINE, Normal, Houdini, SEAN OH, Twelve, and JADE.J. it's flat

MOTF (Men of the Future), which is recognized for directing the performances of numerous K-Pop artists, completed the best performance for PIXY this time as well.

I hope that PIXY will be able to share the new journey with K-Pop fans around the world.


- Mini album (160*160mm)

- 1 CD

- Photobook 64p

- Folding poster (included in poster album for each version)

- Photo card (2 random out of 15 per version included)

- Lyrics (postcard)

- Lenticular Card

- sticker

- storage bag
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