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2nd Mini Album [TEMPTATION]

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PIXY, the rising global rookie idol

The last chapter of PIXY Fairy forest, End of the Forest

(Chapter03. Fairy Forest “Temptation”) release!!

The girl group PIXY has come back with their single album (Chapter03. Fairy Forest “Temptation”).

Working non stop and with their third release after their debut in February 2021, they captured not only their fans attention but the industry once again with their powerful performance and professional stage presence.

With their previous album sales for (Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery”), PIXY has showed outstanding results as a rookie girl group and is progressing further on.

This album has especially upgraded in its particular conceptual world, exploring their last journey within it and has increased its spectrum with PIXY’s member Saetbyul’s continuous contribution.

(Chapter03. Fairy forest “Temptation”) consists of a double title track, “Addicted’ and “Bewitched”, as well as other impressive B-side tracks storytelling their engulfing addiction towards the witch through the lyrics.

Also in the album there consists of a track called “Still with me (To.Winxy)” as a gift to the fans as well as two english versions of the title tracks “Addicted' and “Bewitched”, dedicated to the global fans who love PIXY.

PIXY is gaining high expectations in the high quality and solid structure as praised for their album Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery”.


In the last Fairy forest chapter, it shows the witch’s influence and progress in the division of good and evil.

PIXY’s Dajeong spreads confusion within the members after being seduced by the witch, therefore causing suspicion, leading Dia into being sacrificed to the purple cliff.

In (Chapter03. Fairy forest “Temptation”), the story is told in the perspective of Dia after she awakes from falling off the cliff.

Showcasing the upbringing of good and evil in this chapter, it begins with Dia running, poisoned from the addiction of the witch’s venom.

What could she be running towards? Could the butterfly masking Dia’s mouth be protecting her from being further poisoned?

Drenched in guilt, the other fairies follow the footprints Dia has left behind and walks towards the door to this new journey.

(Chapter03. Fairy forest “Temptation”)

PIXY is D_answer!! With every album our AllArtEntertainment executive producers Kevin D(D_answer) and D_answer members Glow, Dr.j, and LUZY bring out their unique colors as hardworking producers, gaining attention through their contribution and communication with PIXY in completing the last stories of Fairy forest.

PIXY also continues their collaboration since debut, with MOTF(Men of the future), contributing as performance directors further perfecting their performance.

The ambition and hard work of all contributors are the wings and hopes of PIXY’s next journey in the industry.

**Album Specifications and Components **

- Box type 160 X 220 X 25mm

- Photobook 106P 145*205 (images are different for each version)

- One CD 125*125 (common)

- Random 2 out of 6 photocards for each 55*85 version

- Random 1 out of 6 Tarot cards 70*150 versions

- Gate ground 410*205 (common)

- Random 1 out of 6 lenticular card 54*86 versions

- 1 type per sticker version
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