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P1Harmony 2nd Mini Album 'DISHARMONY : BREAK OUT'

P1Harmony's question to break the framing of incongruity, "Scared."


Last year, P1 Harmony (Piwon Harmony), which appeared in the music industry with a confident siren to announce the problem of "DISHARMONY," and its second mini album "DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT," will gather more actively to break through the world surrounded by dissonance with friends.


In the title track "Scared," which will be the key to confronting the contradictions of incongruity, P1 Harmony delivers a message of courage to those who have given up breaking out of the unequal framework. To friends who are missing their true values and potential, they say, "Trust yourself, don't be afraid, and let's speak out."


In particular, as a group armed with outstanding skills to gain the modifier "Stage Hero" upon its debut, P1 Harmony decorated the message of "Scared" with powerful storytelling choreography to have the essence of K-pop groups that global fans want in many ways, including music, concepts, and performances. It helps to feel the members' willingness to break through the framework of incongruity through a live performance with challenging energy.


P1 Harmony is a compound word of Plus, Number 1, and Harmony, which means that children with infinite possibilities of creating various harmonies by adding "Team" and "One" unknown. It consists of six members, Kiho, Theo, Jiwoong, Intak, Soul, and Jongseop, and combines their messages into music with their solid expressiveness in each position, including vocal, rap, and performance, and their original view of the world.



* Album Specifications

- Out Case: Hard Cover Box / 152 mm × 203 mm × 21.7 mm (image by version)

- Booklet: 140 mm × 190 mm / 88p (image different by version)

- CD: 118 mm × 118 mm (image by version)

- Ground Poster: Random insertion of 1 out of 6 types / 280 mm × 380 mm (image different by version)

- Standing Photo Card: Random insertion of 1 out of 6 types / 70 mm × 105 mm × 25 mm (image different by version)

- Logo Tag: 1 type inserted / 30 mm × 103.5 mm (image differs by version)

- selfie photo card: 1 type of 12 random insert / 55 mm × 85 mm (different image by version)

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