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1st Photo Book [P1ay Here!]

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P1Harmony Go to school!


The first photobook ‘P1ay Here!’ will be officially released on June 30th!


The first photobook of P1Harmony, who spent a special time at school in school uniform, is released.


P1Harmony's school life, which is more fun with 6 people, continues through class hours, extracurricular activities, lunch breaks and PE classes. In this photobook, P1Harmony's happy appearance, wearing school uniforms and spending free time in various parts of the school, is captured in this photobook.


The 'P1Harmony – 1st Photo Book [P1ay Here!]', which contains various aspects of the members, includes a 200-page photobook, mini-notes expressing their identities, ID photos, student IDs, photo cards, bookmarks, It consists of items such as a friend card, a pencil, and a poster that show the combination with a partner. P1Harmony's first photobook can be pre-purchased from June 7th, and will be officially released on June 30th.





OUT BOX : 215 x 310 x 40mm

PHOTO BOOK: 210 x 297mm, 200p

MINI NOTE: 148 x 210mm, 36p

STUDENT ID CARD SET : 55 x 85mm, 6pcs

PHOTO CARD SET : 55 x 85mm, 12pcs

ID PHOTO SET: 35 x 45mm, 6pcs

FRIEND CARD & FRAME SET : CARD - 150 x 100mm, 3pcs(background 1pc + unit 2pcs) / FRAME - 185 x 140mm, 3 TYPES / RANDOM 1 OUT OF 3

BOOKMARK SET: 50 x 150mm, 6pcs


POSTER : 594 x 420mm, 2pcs (ground type)

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