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ONEUS releases first single album [IN ITS TIME]The beginning of a beautiful time we will make“The footprints we take together will form a constellation and show the way”

RBW boy group ONEUS is returning with the first single [IN ITS TIME] that announces a warm spring and a new beginning.ONEUS is a six-member talented performance group consisting of RAVN, Seoho, Lee Do, Kunhee, Hwanwoong, and Zion. Through previous US series trilogy albums, ONEUS shows a unique and high-quality stage that is not like a rookie to fans. He proved his solid skills with the modifier'stage genius'. In addition, after one year of debut, it held solo concerts in a total of 9 cities including Korea, the United States, and Japan, attracting explosive reactions around the world, and establishing itself as the next generation Hallyu Stone in the name and reality.


[IN ITS TIME] symbolizes a new beginning with an album that contains a new beginning on what kind of story to paint in the future with the color of ONEUS, completed through light, time, and space, which was the theme of the last US series trilogy album. It was produced under the theme of'Freesia', a flower that is said to be.The theme of the album is the sentence “Everything is beautiful in its time”, which means that all things have met a beautiful time, such as spring, birth, growth, awakening, and the beginning of the season. In March, when the meaning of a new beginning is greater than ever, it will be an album that supports the beautiful beginning and growth of the public.

“When you get lost, pause for a moment and look back and our footprints and times will tell you clearly. That we are already shining”The title song'A Song Written Easily' is a song by composer Lee Sang-ho, hit maker of RBW Do-Hoon Kim Division, which has the best producers in Korea. It is based on a whistle theme and rhythmic bounce. Too many emotions are fused to the breakup. The numerous emotions that cannot be defined with just one word were expressed in lyrics. It is sad to say, but the cheerful Mumbaton rhythm that announces that the breakup is not the end and that it is a new beginning creates a double harmony. The melody caught in the colorful composition is as impressive as the emotion that spreads in several branches and coexists together.


 The music video for ``A Song Written Easily'' was shot in New Zealand with the vast and beautiful nature in the background. Added. In this music video, the process of meeting and resolving hardships is expressed through “flowers,” symbolizing “beginning,” which is the core medium of [IN ITS TIME], and will fascinate the eyes and ears of the public with its sensuous and overwhelming visual beauty.The track “Hide and Seek” is an impressive synth pop with a funky bass rhythm that leads the entire song. Even while the breakup was passing, she expressed her unstoppable feelings roughly but sweetly. The tight melody line on the minimal track heightens the tension as if it were caught as if playing hide and seek. It showed another tension of separation from the title song'A Song Written Easily', and was directed to effectively express the conflicting emotions of the entire album.


The first single album [IN ITS TIME] contains a total of two songs, including the title song'A Song Written Easily','Hide and Seek', and shows the color of ONEUS. I put it intact. In particular, in the lyrics of the track ‘Hide and Seek’, the words that symbolize this album are put in Easter egg.


*Album specifications

-OUT PACKAGE: 188*257*10mm

-CD: 118*118mm-PHOTO BOOK: 185*252*6.5mm / 80p

-FOLDED STORY POSTER: 252*375mm / Random insertion of 1 type out of 6

-POST CARD: 100*150mm / Random insertion of 1 type out of 6 types

-STICKER SET: 116*150mm / 1 type inserted

-PHOTO CARD: 55*85mm / Random insertion of 2 types out of 12

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