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01.Intro: LIVEDLyrics by Sangho Lee (RBW), Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Hue (RBW), RAVN, Doo LeeComposed by Sangho Lee (RBW), Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Lee Hu (RBW)Arranged by Sangho Lee (RBW), Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Lee later (RBW)This is an intro song that opens the door to the 4th mini [LIVED]. The dreamy guitar sound creates an atmosphere as if it takes you into a deep dream, and the lapping that explodes according to the emotional line and deep affection on the top line is an attractive song. It is a song that represents the worldview of this album, where softness and intensity coexist like the boundary between'life and death'.


02.TO BE OR NOT TO BELyrics by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Seo Yong-bae (RBW), Cosmic Sound (RBW), Cosmic Girl, Hui Sang (RBW), Minky (RBW), RAVN, Lee DoComposed by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Seo Yong-bae (RBW), Cosmic Sound (RBW), Cosmic Girl, Hue Sang (RBW), Minky (RBW)Arranged by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Seo Yong-bae (RBW), Cosmic Sound (RBW), Cosmic Girl, Hue Sang (RBW), Minky (RBW)When a special and firm relationship breaks apart, a part of me falls apart as deep as that intensity.“TO BE OR NOT TO BE” speaks of the danger that stands at the crossroads of the alternative. The dreamlike synth sound reminiscent of the heartbeat and the boldly varied hook present a dramatic tension. The sadness melting into the intense beat expresses the gap between the two more tragically. Vocals expressing rough but delicate emotions and ONEUS, which cope with the precarious borders with straightforward and uncontrollable lapping, show two different forms, and at the same time, draw anguish due to conflicting emotions.


03. Dead Or AliveLyrics by Sangho Lee (RBW), Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Lee (RBW), RAVNComposed by Sangho Lee (RBW), Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Lee Hu (RBW)Arranged by Sangho Lee (RBW), Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Lee later (RBW)“Dead Or Alive” contains a message that connects to the title song “TO BE OR NOT TO BE.” Standing at a crossroads, he fully reveals anguish and conflict over choices. It is up to the goddess of fate whether the choice to be together is the fruit of the sweet dream or the fruit of desolation. The intensity of the triple groove and the vintage beat from the int that increases concentration maintains the tight tension, and presents a dark but irresistible charm. Like an unknown fate, the contrasting composition comes fresh.


04. Confused, confused (Dizzy)Lyrics by Seoho, RAVN, CyAComposed by Seoho, RAVN, CyA, Coco Tofu Dad (RBW)Arranged by Coco Tofu Dad (RBW), CyAWhat is this feeling that makes me confused when I see you?'Confused and Confused (Dizzy)' is a trendy hip-hop song that tactfully solves the mindless mind on a minimalist track. Seoho, RAVN, and CyA were in harmony, and the addictive melody that expressed their favorite emotions in'confusion' and'distress' catches the ears. I added the positive energy of ONEUS to the thrilling and popping lyrics.


05. AirplaneLyrics by Jeon Down (RBW), Coco Tofu Dad (RBW), Inner Child (Monotree), RAVN, Lee DoComposed by Jeon Daun (RBW), Coco Tofu Dad (RBW), Inner Child (Monotree)Arranged by Jeon Daun (RBW), Coco Tofu Dad (RBW)'Airplane' is a dancerable song that contains the coolness of ONEUS based on the sound of an electric guitar.It is a song that unravels the changing emotions through meeting with someone. The dynamic synth sound and refined melodies of the members bring new charm to the refreshing and powerful vocals.When I hold your hand, I sing the summer that seems to fly anywhere.


06. COME BACK HOMELyrics by Woo Sang Park (RBW), RAVN, Lee DoComposed by Dohoon Kim (RBW), Woosang Park (RBW), Sangho Lee (RBW)Arranged by Sangho Lee (RBW), Woosang Park (RBW), Sang Lee later (RBW), Minky (RBW)A desperate longing for someone who is no longer by your side


*Album specifications

-OUT PACKAGE: 152*192*28mm

-CD: 118*118mm-PHOTO BOOK: 142*188mm / 96p

-LYRICS BOOK:142*188mm / 12p

-CHARACTER CARD: 70*120mm / 1 random insertion out of 6

-PHOTO CARD: 55*85mm / Random insertion of 2 types out of 12

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peachkpop 음악 CD ONEUS - MINI 4TH [LIVED]
$6.00 USD $14.90 USD
$6.00 USD

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