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Completed ‘stage genius’ ONEUS releases 4th mini album [LIVED]
- The world view of ONEUS revealed in earnest

RBW boy group ONEUS releases the fourth mini album [LIVED], which marks the beginning of the full-fledged story.

ONEUS is a 6-member complete performance group consisting of RAVN, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Sion. For each album and stage, it was well-received for its performances with distinct concepts and storytelling, and this time, the six members are ready to present the colorful charms of six people.

ONEUS, which has grown so great that it is unbelievable as a rookie, is gradually expanding its recognition in Korea. After successfully completing their first American tour last year at the explosive request of overseas fans, they released their second Japanese single [808]. 1 on the Oricon chart, and immediately after the release of the title song 'A Song Written Easily' of the single album [IN ITS TIME] in March, 1st place on the iTunes K-Pop Song Chart in 12 regions including the US, Germany, Spain and Italy, It drew an unprecedented and surprising response overseas, including entering the 11th place on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart. In particular, this mini-album [LIVED] is already gathering anticipation as it foretells that it will show the worldview of ONEUS in earnest following the story of 'COME BACK HOME', which was presented as a final song in Road to Kingdom.

The fourth mini-album [LIVED] expresses the agony and conflict of choice through ONEUS's own gorgeous and sophisticated performance through the appearance of choosing one's own destiny rather than conforming to the given fate. The fate chosen by ONEUS, standing at the crossroads of life, death and tragic fate, stimulates curiosity about what kind of story will unfold to them in the future.

The title song ‘TO BE OR NOT TO BE’ is based on a cosmic sound and a cosmic girl song, led by Lee Sang-ho, a key producer of RBW’s Kim Do-hoon division, the best hit maker in Korea. It is a song that talks about the danger as if standing at the crossroads of alternatives in a tragic fate, and the dreamy synth sound reminiscent of a heartbeat and boldly varying hooks provide dramatic tension. The intense and sad beat, the vocals that express rough but delicate emotions, and the straightforward and unadulterated rapping express the agony of ONEUS, which copes with the precarious boundary, and the appearance of two opposing emotions.

The music video for 'TO BE OR NOT TO BE' is directed by Hong Won-ki, the master of K-pop MV, who has been working with ONEUS since their debut, and has been released by ONEUS with a solid development and overwhelming scale. further enhanced the story's completeness. This album [LIVED] solves the thirst for life, anguish, and conflict with a powerful and unstoppable performance, and the magnificent scale and splendid visual beauty add to the public's attention.

[LIVED] The album includes the title song 'TO BE OR NOT TO BE', 'Intro: LIVED', 'Dead Or Alive', 'Airplane', 'COME BACK HOME', and Seoho, RAVN's self-composed song ' It consists of various tracks from 'Dizzy' to 'Dizzy'. Through this album, you will be able to meet ONEUS, which has grown even further, including ONEUS's unique music and performances.


*Album specifications

-OUT PACKAGE: 152*192*28mm

-CD: 118*118mm-PHOTO BOOK: 142*188mm / 96p

-LYRICS BOOK:142*188mm / 12p

-CHARACTER CARD: 70*120mm / 1 random insertion out of 6

-PHOTO CARD: 55*85mm / Random insertion of 2 types out of 12

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