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01.Intro: Fly me to the moonLyrics by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Seo Yong-bae (RBW), Lee Do, RAVN / Composed by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Seo Yong-bae (RBW) / Arranged by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Seo Yong-bae (RBW)

The in-track of 3Rd Mini [FLY WITH US] that marks the end of the US series. The up-tempo groovy sound catches the song. The track and mix composition that feels floating as if flying to the moon is intended to be a new'space' of ONEUS. Through the US series of light, time, and space, ONEUS's unique colors are captured.


02. Buzz Buzz (Plastic Flower)Lyrics by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Han Jae-wan, Shin Su-yoon, Lee Do, RAVN / Composed by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Han Jae-wan, Shin Su-yoon / Arranged by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Han Jae-wan, Shin Su-yoon

'Plastic Flower' is a hip-hop-based song that expresses a boy's heart to win the person he likes. The pizzicato string, the main theme instrument, highlights the minimalist arrangement, and the witty lyrics of ‘I’ve been nine times and still have one foot left’ are impressive. By adding a popular touch to the color of ONEUS, listeners can feel more enjoyable and fun.


03. Let's go (LIT)Lyrics by Dohoon Kim (RBW), Sangho Lee (RBW), Inner child (Monotree), RAVN / Composed by Dohoon Kim (RBW), Sangho Lee (RBW), Inner child (Monotree) / Arranged by Dohoon Kim (RBW), Sangho Lee (RBW), Minky (RBW)

The title song “Let's Go (LIT)” is a song with an oriental melody line based on trap hip-hop. Meanwhile, different attempts from the genre presented by ONEUS are seen. Under the bright night of the bright moon, it expresses a joyful moment that unfolds splendidly. Also, by adding folk songs to the lyrics that bring out the style of Hangul, it is more exciting. The vivid and sensuous melody line brilliantly draws the oriental vivid colors.


04. Blue SkyLyrics by Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Hui (RBW), Doo Lee, RAVN / Composed by Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Lee Lee (RBW) / Arranged by Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Lee Lee (RBW)

'Blue Sky', which stands out with a fluid melody line, expresses the desire to find the end without giving up the dreams and hopes. A synth pop with cool vocals added to a synth sound reminiscent of a blue sky, and the beat build-up in Drop explodes the emotion line at once.


05. Level UpLyrics by Yongbae Seo (RBW), RBW Lee, Mingkey (RBW), Inner child (Monotree), Doo Lee, RAVN / Composed by Yongbae Seo (RBW), RBW, Minky (RBW), Inner child (Monotree) ) / Arranged by Minky (RBW), Later Sang (RBW)

It is a track full of intense feelings and shows an energetic appearance. It is an electro trap that stands out with a synth and brass spread based on a punchy beat. The tight melody that cannot let go of the tension and the hook with a thick touch are impressive. For a better tomorrow than today, I expressed the message that I can grow one step further by running without giving up. The dynamic sound that penetrates the entire song empowers passion and challenge. 


06. Stand ByLyrics by Woosang Park(RBW) / Composed by Woosang Park(RBW) / Arranged by Woosang Park(RBW), Young

A rhythmic acoustic guitar with a grooved rhythm added to it, and this song features a delicate and faint sound. Seoho and Kunhee's delicate vocals. And Hwanwoong's rap, which is specially shown, creates a wonderful harmony. The feeling of love that anyone can feel is in one movie. Even if you are in pain, the lyrics that express the beautiful story together and the ending you want to achieve are impressive.


*Album specifications

-Out Package & Alpan: 1 type

-Booklet: 1 type / 96p

-Lyrics card: 8 types inserted

-Postcard card: randomly insert 1 out of 2

-Photocard: 2 randomly inserted out of 12-Bookmark: Insert 1 type

-Initial limited poster: 1 random gift out of 3

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$14.90 USD
$14.90 USD

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