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ONEUS releases the last page of the US series trilogy [FLY WITH US]
You and I spread our wings so we can fly together.
“May the moon shine bright so we can find you in the dark”

RBW boy group ONEUS releases [FLY WITH US], which will decorate the end of the mini album 'US' series.

ONEUS is a 6-member performance concept idol consisting of RAVN (Raven), Seoho, Ido, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Sion, and has clearly stood out as the next-generation K-pop hot rookie representing 2019. In the meantime, ONEUS, which has shown the image of a complete idol by participating in the entire album production process, is returning with a high-quality album that will meet the expectations of fans.

The last US series completed with this album is “Light of the Sun” from the 1st album 'LIGHT US', “Earth Time” from the 2nd album 'RAISE US', and the 3rd album [FLY WITH US] “Soaring to the Moon Space” The series was completed with the theme of “the process of the light of the sun ascending through the time of the earth to the space of the moon”. Just as a color is completed when light, time, and space meet, the light of the sun, time of the earth, and space of the moon meet to complete the color ONEUS, and it contains the message that the world will be painted with those colors with fans.

The title song 'Let's go (LIT)' is a song that expresses the way to soar together to the space of the moon as a fun time that unfolds splendidly under a bright moonlit night. is shown In particular, the upbeat melody and lyrics that make use of the beauty of Hangeul are impressive.

The music video for ‘Let’s Go (LIT)’ is directed by Hong Won-ki of Johnny Bros, who has always been in sync with ONEUS, showing a differentiated concept. The beautiful Korean beauty is perfectly captured in the video, adding majestic and visual richness, and it is full of scenes that maximize the performance of ONEUS, along with the various performances of the members.

In particular, ONEUS, which has been a hot topic for its fresh performance every time, leaves a strong impression with its title song 'LIT', which is a splendid yet addictive performance that contains Korean excitement.

The 3rd mini album [FLY WITH US] includes the title song 'LIT', 'Intro: Fly me to the moon', 'Plastic Flower', 'Blue Sky', 'Level Up', Up to 'Stand By', it contains a total of 6 songs with the participation of the best producers in Korea, so it is musically diverse and richly composed.


*Album specifications

-Out Package & Alpan: 1 type

-Booklet: 1 type / 96p

-Lyrics card: 8 types inserted

-Postcard card: randomly insert 1 out of 2

-Photocard: 2 randomly inserted out of 12-Bookmark: Insert 1 type

-Initial limited poster: 1 random gift out of 3

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