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01.Intro: TimeLyrics by Woosang Park(RBW), RAVN /Composed by Woosang Park(RBW) / Arranged by Woosang Park(RBW)

Intro song that marks the beginning of the 2nd Mini Album [RAISE US]. It is a future R&B genre with a dreamy and drowsy feeling. As if contemplating the key keyword of this album, “time,” it was melted into a sophisticated and sensational melody.


02. The sun is falling (Twilight)Lyrics by Dohoon Kim (RBW), Sangho Lee (RBW), Inner child (Monotree), Doo Lee, RAVN / Composed by Dohoon Kim (RBW), Sangho Lee (RBW), Inner child (Monotree) /Arranged by Dohoon Kim (RBW), Sangho Lee (RBW) ), Minky (RBW)

This is the title track of [RAISE US], which expresses the musical colors of ONEUS in a future-based dance genre. The lyrics compared to a lover breaking up the falling sun at sunset are impressive. As you, who was my only light, gradually fades, the performance added to the delicate and intense sound that expresses the sadness of being covered by the darkness catches the attention. The dreamy guitar riff and the synth sound bursting from the hook are in harmony, and the energy of ONEUS is expressed more dynamic and intensely with the rhythm that constantly changes. The detailed groove and performance that stimulates emotions and senses at the same time is fascinating.


03. English GirlLyrics by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Inner child (Monotree), Lee Do, RAVN / Composed by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Inner child (Monotree)Arranged by Sangho Lee (RBW)

It was pre-released through the RBW BOYS ‘I will debut’ project in 2018 and received a lot of love.‘I can’t speak E… .English, Well, Sorry!’ Although I can’t speak English, the cute lyrics and refreshing Mumbaton genre melody are in harmony with the cute lyrics that convey love to the lover. Each member has a different tone of charm, adding to the fun of listening.


04. Dog and Wolf Time (BingBing)Lyrics by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Inner child (Monotree), Lee Do, RAVN / Composed by Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Seo Yong-bae (RBW), Inner child (Monotree), Lee Sang-ho (RBW), Minky (RBW) / Arranged by Lee Sang-ho ( RBW), Later Award (RBW), Minky (RBW)

A house-based POP Dance song with attractive lyrics and colorful composition that expresses an unrealistic time in which dogs and wolves approaching over a hill at sunset and the outlines of objects are blurred. Following the title song'The Sun Falls', the album's completeness was added by penetrating the overall concept. It is an impressive song with a whistle theme and a synth sound that heightens the tension as if the day was rising.


05. White Night (白夜)Lyrics by Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Hui (RBW), Do Lee / Composed by Yongbae Lee (RBW), Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Lee Lee (RBW), Doo LeeArranged by Yongbae Seo (RBW), Sang Later (RBW)

A world of white nights where night does not come even after sunset. This is a POP R&B song that contains the wishes of always shining on you brightly. By adding a delicate guitar sound to the faint and warm piano melody, the soft but strong ONEUS silky tone was more warmly melted.


06. NowLyrics by Cosmic Sound (RBW), Cosmic Girl, Ido, RAVN / Composed by Cosmic Sound (RBW), Cosmic GirlArranged by Cosmic Sound (RBW), Cosmic Girl

This is an electronic house song with an emphasis on organ bass. It delivers a hopeful and positive message to enjoy the present without being bound by the time that has already passed, but also putting aside the uncertain future anxiety that has not yet come. This moment does not return only now.


*Album specifications

-Out package: 1 type (different design by version)

-Alfan&Digipack: 1 type (different design by version)

-Booklet: 1 type / 96p (different design by version)

-Lyrics card: Insert 8 types (different design by version)

-Postcard card: Randomly insert 1 out of 6 types (different design by version)

-Photocard: Randomly insert 1 out of 6 (different design by version)

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$11.90 USD
$11.90 USD

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