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ONEUS, depicting the time of dawn and sunset [RAISE US]
The second story of the 'US' series, 'The sun is falling'

RBW's rookie boy group ONEUS releases the second story mini-album [RAISE US] in the 'US' series.

ONEUS, which consists of 6 members RAVN (Raven), Seoho, Ido, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Sion, took their first steps in the music industry with their debut album 'LIGHT US' in January. At the same time as the debut album was released, it ranked first on the iTunes K-pop album charts in four countries, drawing attention from all over the world and establishing herself as a next-generation K-pop prospect.

This mini-album [RAISE US] is an album with the meaning of “lifting us up”, and if the last debut album 'LIGHT US' meant “ONEUS born with the light of people, the music they make” , this album contains the meaning of “ONEUS, who will take a higher leap with the light that people have been shining on.”

Also, [RAISE US] has the theme of the time before sunrise, when darkness has not yet completely gone, and around sunset just before it gets dark in earnest. It refers to an impossible time, and the motif was taken from a French proverb called 'a time between a dog and a wolf'. It is a concept album with a keyword of contrasting duality, with the theme of the red hour of sunset when the sun goes down and the blue hour of dawn when the sun rises.

The title song 'Twilight' is a song that expresses the concept of this album, 'A time between dog and wolf (when the sun goes down)'. A more complete song was born by adding the delicate and powerful sound and impressive lyrics comparing the falling sun to a lover breaking up.

The music video for 'Twilight' was filmed in Italy by director Wonki Hong, based on the concept and lyrics of this album. It created a visual appeal. The time of waiting and longing for the lover who left his side at dawn, and the time of regret as the sun goes down, are captured in a vague yet powerful video.

In particular, the world-famous choreographer Keone Madrid participated in the choreography of this title song, further maximizing the performance of 'Twilight'.

In addition, the [RAISE US] album includes the title song 'Twilight', 'Intro: Time', 'English Girl', 'BingBing', 'White Night (White)' Night)' and 'Now', this album is also expected to show the colorful charm of ONEUS.


*Album specifications

-Out package: 1 type (different design by version)

-Alfan&Digipack: 1 type (different design by version)

-Booklet: 1 type / 96p (different design by version)

-Lyrics card: Insert 8 types (different design by version)

-Postcard card: Randomly insert 1 out of 6 types (different design by version)

-Photocard: Randomly insert 1 out of 6 (different design by version)

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