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ONEUS debuts first full album [DEVIL] released'Stage Genius' One Earth's unrivaled identity that encompasses the worldview of the past two years

-A special consolation from ONEUS in the era of Corona Blue in 2021!-'Do what you want!', a charming message from'You' or'DEVIL' called'I' to a world full of jealousy and envy

RBW boy group ONEUS releases their first full album [DEVIL] on January 19, 2021.

Of course, ONEUS, the most notable boy group among the current K-pop groups, is composed of RAVN (Raven), Seoho, Lee Do, Kunhee, Hwanwoong, and Zion. have. ONEUS, a leader in the fourth generation of male idols, has finally entered the US Billboard Social 50 chart for eight weeks in a row, and the album of the previous work [LIVED] sold more than 120,000 copies. We are back with our first full album [DEVIL].

[DEVIL], the high-quality first full-length album that encompasses the charm of ONEUS, is an extension of the previous album [LIVED] and depicts the current image of ONEUS, who chose “life” from the boundary between life and death. It is called'DEVIL' because it is different from others, but rather than being conscious of the surrounding gazes, it conveys the subjective message of'do what you really want to do', and was completed with ONEUS' unique ambition. ONEUS, who completed the story prepared from the time of their debut, tried to transform the image without any addition or subtraction in the album of this [DEVIL], and at the same time, combined with the outstanding planning power of RBW and the total power of the producing team, which is the pride of RBW. With the album, the performance was completed with sophisticated storytelling that only ONEUS can digest.

The title song ``No diggity'' contains the cry of people called DEVIL in a world full of jealousy and envy, and delivers a different comfort to the public by delivering the message ``Do what you really want to do''. . 'No diggity' is a hybrid trap that ONEUS tried for the first time, and it shows a strong sound contrary to the music that has been shown so far. Hiphop drums & bass, strong guitar and trendy riffs are a variety of instruments. The composition and harmonious sound come attractive. In addition, as the song moves toward the second half of the song, the ambience and overbearing vocals explode the listener's adrenaline.

This “No diggity” music video draws the attention of the public with its unrivaled album concept, impressive art direction, and spectacular visual beauty that can't take its eyes off. In particular, the free-spirited yet sexy'DEVIL' interpreted by ONEUS was variously captured in the video, and from the time of debut, the music video master Johnny Bros, who boasted fantastic breathing with ONEUS, directed the megaphone. Got it.

The full album [DEVIL] includes the title song'No diggity','Intro: Devil is in the detail','Leftover','It's okay if it's not perfect (Incomplete)','Youth'. ,'BBUSYEO','Our time flows backwards (Rewind)','Lion Heart','What you doing?','The day that shined brightly (IPU)','Outro: Connect with US. It was completed with a total of 11 songs until'ONEUS'.


*Album specifications

-OUT PACKAGE: 152x192x28mm / 3 types

-LYRICS BOOX+CD-R: 142x182mm / 16p + 118x188mm (design differs by version)

-PHOTO BOOK: 142x182mm / 96p (design differs by version)

-HIDDEN CARD: Insert random one out of six (different design by version)

-BIG PHOTOCARD: Insert random 1 out of 6 (different design by version)

-PHOTOCARD: Insert random one out of six (different design by version)

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