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 - The beginning of the universe. yin and yang. Two but one, divided by 0 and 1, you and I are the most perfect beings
- ONEUS' 5th mini-album 'BINARY CODE', which contains the magical moment of you and me reflected in the black mirror

ONEUS, the leader of the current 4th generation boy group, will release his fifth mini album ‘BINARY CODE’ on May 11, 2021. ONEUS, which continues its unrivaled path by renewing their career highs with each album, is a group that shows a clear influence on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart, US K-Pop Album and Song Chart, and overseas charts following Korea. Following the shocking transformation shown in the last full album [DEVIL], people are looking forward to seeing what kind of concept artisan they will show this time, like their self-proclaimed ‘stage genius’.

‘In the end, only 0 and 1 remain, Connect with US’
ONEUS' 'BINARY CODE' means a 'new me' completed in binary system.
In ‘BINARY CODE’, everything is in harmony. Me and others, and even the self that I don't know.
It is a perfect space that is connected to each other and can express everything, and represents a perfect relationship between 0 and 1 that cannot be divided into two. Finally, ONEUS Phenomenon opens through ‘BINARY CODE’.

The title song 'BLACK MIRROR' is a song created by comparing the reality of being trapped in a TV, smartphone, or computer, which are necessities of modern people. It also shows the new image of ONEUS, which has found another world where magical things are unfolding, out of the dichotomous reality.
In particular, this title song is a song with the participation of the best producers of RBW, led by Kim Do-hoon, the best hit maker in Korea. On a funky bass, the sweet hum of main vocal Seo-ho catches the ears, and ONEUS has a different charm than before. will be able to feel




* Album Specifications

- OUT PACKAGE : 150x193x30mm

- CD-R: 118×118 mm (design different from version)

- PHOTO BOOK: 140×180 mm / 96p (design different by version)

-LYRIC POSTER: 426×364 mm / Insert 1 type (design different by version)

- BIG PHOTOCARD: Insert random 1 out of 6 types (different design by version)

- PHOTOCARD: 55×85 mm / Insert 1 random type out of 6 (different design by version)

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