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6th Mini Album [BLOOD MOON] (THEATRE ver.)

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'Will you bloom and set according to the light of the moon crying alone on a pitch-black night'
'I want to open a spear in my heart and heart'

ONEUS, who has established itself as a 'stage genius' by showing a unique concept in the past, is making a comeback with the 6th mini album 'BLOOD MOON'.

This album 'BLOOD MOON' contains a mysterious story about the 'Legend of the Red Moon Island (赤月圖)'. It is an extension of the solid worldview that Oneus has shown so far, and it melts the image of beings living from the distant past to the present through the storytelling of Oneus. In particular, it is raising the expectations of domestic and foreign fans by foretelling a mournful yet sophisticated performance that goes from the past to the present in addition to the traditional and splendid performances.

[THEATRE ver.]
- CD-R: 118x118 / Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)
- PHOTO BOOK : 210x297 / 136p (images are different for each version)
- BIG PHOTO CARD : 70x120 / Random 1 out of 6 types inserted (images are different for each version)
- PHOTO CARD : 55x85 / Insert 2 random types out of 12 types (images are different for each version)
- POSTER: 405x610 / Random 1 out of 8 (same image for each version)

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