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1st Mini Album [NEW WORLD]

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“EVERY DAY NEW i” (Let’s have a new perspective every day!)

The 9 members symbolize the inner energy of human beings and 1 member (connector) connects them. When these 10 people gather, a new “algorithm” called Nine Eyes is born and starts working normally. The algorithm presents a new perspective that breaks free from stereotypes in the space called “i” (a virtual world connected to reality), the world of 9.I, and through this, dreams of a better world than now.

NINE.i, which consists of 9 Korean members (Jewon, Eden, Minjun, Ban, Berry, Seowon, Taehoon, Joohyung, Jiho) and 1 Thai member (Winnie), is a First One led by executives and employees from large entertainment companies. It is the first 10-member boy group to be introduced by entertainment. Even before their debut, they surprised K-pop fans at home and abroad with high-quality content and unique identity, raising expectations for their debut.

Humanities, Idol, IT. NINE.i's debut album The 1st Mini Album [NEW WORLD], which appeared as an unprecedented 4th generation K-pop group by combining these three areas, is a new world where NINE.i, who announced the birth of algorithms with a unique worldview It is an album that shows how they see themselves and move forward in the face of a new age. Working with the mindset that “every song is a title song,” it contains the high quality, differentiated music style, and unique color of 9.I.

This mini-album, which contains a total of 5 songs, gives a glimpse of their growing emotions and thoughts from iNTRO to Parallel Universe, BEAUTY iNSIDE, and Wasted Youth. Another attraction can be felt.

In particular, in this album, member Van (VAHN), who gained popularity by showing his overflowing talent in the MBC audition program 'Under Nineteen (2018)', participated in the overall album production with a passion for music, and member Joo Hyung was also active in writing and composing the lyrics. By participating in it, they sincerely told the story of themselves and of their generation. Here, IZ*ONE's 'Violeta', 'FIESTA', Park Jin-young's 'Who is your mother', TWICE's 'SIGNAL', and other hit songs such as 'Kim Seung-soo', one of Korea's representative K-pop producers, have been released. ' joined the group to improve the level of perfection, and actively supported and fired in bringing out the talents of the NINE.i members, and discovered a musical color that had not been shown before through the collaboration between 'British Pop' and K-POP.

A lot of thought and effort was put into sound to give Nine Eye's unique color, and members Van and Joohyung expressed the emotions they felt while spending time with the members through melody and lyrics to differentiate themselves. Not only the music, but also the worldview, concept, music video, and performance. Let's meet NINE.i's music that shows the mysterious yet pure and energetic charm of Nine.i.

*Album Specifications

- Photo Book : 1 type (96P)

- Pocket Digipack: 1 type

- CD-R : 1 type

- Lyrics Paper : 1 type

- AR Paper Stand: Insert one random out of 10

- ID Card: Insert one random out of 10

- Photo Film: Insert 1 type

- Photo Card: Insert 4 random out of 20
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