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Nerd Connection

New Century Masterpiece Cinema

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Nerd Connection 1st Album [New Century Masterpiece Cinema]


Once upon a time, there was a theater on an unknown street.

It is called 'Masterpiece Theater', where only masterpieces are collected and screened.

The owner of the theater was very strict, so he chose and played only the masterpieces that everyone had to admit.

The question, 'What kind of work will be in theaters this time?' was the biggest concern of people.

Everyone debated endlessly to find the answer to 'which works meet the criteria for masterpieces'.

If the owner's own standards were added to people's evaluations, there weren't as many works that could be screened than expected.


Time passed and the world changed as well.

People's thoughts on 'what kind of work is a masterpiece' are gradually becoming less and less.

Instead of works that you can appreciate the more you think about them, things that give you quick and simple fun started to become popular.

Naturally, the streets were filled with stimuli that you could feel right away.

how much more time passes

When more and more people come to the theater just to pass the time,

The 'Masterpiece Theater', which was the pride of the strict owner, quietly disappeared from the street one day.


A new century has begun.

After a certain fashion, and a new fashion that is more exciting than that, the process of creating and disappearing is repeated many times,

By chance, some came into contact with old, now-forgotten masterpieces.

Some of them had this thought.

'Isn't this a lot better than you think?'

Tired of the birth and death of repeated fashions, they began to recommend the works to those around them.

Suddenly, similar people gathered and started to share and return masterpieces that are hard to find now.

And finally, as once upon a time some unknown,

They spent days and days talking about old masterpieces and began to appreciate the joy that came from the process itself.


One day, rumors circulated that more and more people were exploring old masterpieces.

There were rumors that a theater would be built in a street corner building that had been abandoned for quite some time.

He said that it is a theater that shows very old masterpieces that are different from what is trendy these days.


The day the new theater first opened

Not many people gathered to see the first screening.

Everyone seemed excited about something, and they were talking about what kind of work would be screened.

A person who is busy moving in his own way at the ticket office

He was a strict owner of the 'Masterpiece Theater' that had quietly disappeared.


Before the start of the screening, the owner of the theater went up to the stage and spoke to those who were seated.

"It's been a long time, really. I've been thinking a lot about a lot of crossroads in the past.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that I should re-screen the masterpieces I loved.

The countless stories we met while walking forward at the fork in the road are contained in the works we will be working with from now on.

I'm going to play these works again, which some would say is out of date or boring.

maybe never open again before the end of this century,

We sincerely welcome all of you to <New Century Masterpiece Theater>.

Then, have a good time."


At the end of the story, he disappeared from the stage.

Soon after, the curtain rose.


Produced by Nerd Connection

Composed by Nerd Connection

Lyrics by Nerd Connection

Arranged by Nerd Connection

Vocal Seo Young-joo

Acoustic guitar Youngjoo Seo, Seungwon Choi (Track 1, 8)

Electric guitar Seungwon Choi, Youngjoo Seo (Track 2, 3, 5, 9)

Bass Jaehyun Park

Drums Yeontae Shin

Piano Jaehyun Park (Track 3), Youngjoo Seo (Track 7)

MIDI Programming Seungwon Choi

Vocal, A.G, Drums Recorded by Ryu Hogan Tardis Studio

Bass, E.G Recorded by Seungwon Choi, Hogan Ryu Tardis Studio (Track 3 Bass, Track 12 E.G)

Mixed by Hogan Ryu Tardis Studio

Mastered by Hogan Ryu Tardis Studio

A&R Korean, Lee Cheong, Jang Su-ryun, Lee So-jeong, Choi Ga-young

Chief Director Soyoung Lee

Promotion & Marketing Your Summer

Artwork by Lee Jae of STโ€™O.CLOCK

Supported by KOCCA
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