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NEOGEN Agecure One Minute Wrinkle Lift (3ml X 10ea)

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Highly concentrated ampoule containing Azirelin (10%) and Syn-coll complex is aimed at intensifying the fight against facial and age wrinkles, as well as bags under the eyes.

Azirelin and Syn-coll are powerful stimulants of the production and increase of collagen in the skin and thereby increase skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles, lift effect and even prevent the evaporation of moisture from the skin.

The complex also helps to fight swelling under the eyes, exerting a tightening effect in this area.

In addition, the complex includes a complex of 15 peptides aimed at the regeneration and improvement of skin elasticity.

It is recommended to use for all areas requiring anti-return care (the area under the eyes and in the corners of the eyes, nasolabial folds, eyebrow wrinkles, neck). It can be applied both locally and on the entire face.

The product is divided into 10 miniature packages in order to better preserve freshness and for ease of travel.

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